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    Bonehead of the week: Michigan

    Care to explain? I thought it was a pretty good race and according to the rate the race thread so did most everyone else.
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    Bonehead of the week: Michigan

    I sort of remember them saying that bells digital rearview mirror stopped working, if so his spotter was the bonehead.
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    Has Kevin Harvick (at age 43) Lost A Step?

    Has he lost a step since a few years ago? Of course he has. Is he a washed up field filler like some people want to make him out as? Of course he isn't.
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    The Announcers Thread

    It was nice not having Rick allen on the broadcast. They need to keep him off, drop Burton and hire Allen bestwick. Bestwick, Jr, and letarte would make a pretty good booth.
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    Michigan FireKeepers Casino 400 Pre-Race Thread

    Agreed, they have played spoiler more than once.
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    Michigan FireKeepers Casino 400 Pre-Race Thread

    That's why DVR's were invented like 25 years ago :)
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    Scary Kyle Busch news

    What makes him more important than the thousands of others that were there?
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    Kurt Busch appreciation thread

    How many more races can he miss before he loses his playoff eligibility?
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    Cup RACE thread --- Indy

    I didn't think there were abs systems in these cars.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Duly noted.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Seems a lot of people agree with me, but your opinion on the matter is duly noted.
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    Indy Verizon 200 Pre-Race thread

    I would like to see cup at IRP, thats a much better track for stock cars than the oval and we have to many road courses.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    While I agree that it's time to get over it, it's not much different than your constant neverending crying about the Chevys last year.
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    Interest builds around possible changes to NASCAR schedule

    Chicago should be used to that! :)
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Probably because they don't want anyone to know how much of a kangaroo court the hearings are. Nascar is not a democracy.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    So front row is appealing their penalty, according to your logic they are going to get more penalties if they don't win the appeal.
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    Deegan update

    I actually would love for her to do better. I would love to have some competitive female drivers in all levels of nascar. Unfortunately neither of those things are happening right now. At least someday I expect there to be competitive female drivers. Unfortunately for Hallie, I don't see her...
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Why does it matter where you get caught? That's where the bull**** is. I'm not saying it's biased, just that it's bull****.
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Kinda ridiculous that the 11and 18 didn't receive any further penalties. Not surprising though, typical nascar bull****.
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