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    dumbest thing i've ever heard

    my uncle on mothers day "Dont you need a computer to get the internet?!"
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    mid to late 90's Busch drivers

    I was looking through the old Busch series standings and man, that series was so damn great in the mid to late 90's Randy LaJoie, David Green, Jeff Green, Todd Bodine Jason Keller, Mike Mclaughlin, Steve Grissom, Ricky Craven, Dale Jr, Elliot Sadler, Phil Parsons, Chad Little, Elton Sawyer...
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    Rubbin' Is Racing Episode 4. Best episode yet Dave Portnoy got Dillon Bassett and Brandon Brown to talk about their fight, Mike and Angela Ruch (Bowyer goes off on Mike), and they talk...
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    Utter poked the bear and messed up

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    NBC SHOULD BE ASHAMED for screwing up the Earnhardt tribute

    They talked over Childress driving the car around the track so you couldn't hear the engine, you had to, for some reason, see Rutledge Wood's face while the car is on the track, then they cut away so SCREAMING JEFF BURTON could talk to Chase so we missed Childress smashing the gas down the...
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    If you think today's coverage is bad

    don't forget that at one time TNT interrupted green flag racing for almost 2 minutes so we could watch Larry Mac do a magic trick
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    Kasey Kahne done racing full time in Cup after this year

    -----I might get some heat for this but good riddance. Guy has look so unmotivated last few years
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    This has to be Jamie McMurray's last year at CGR right?

    Guy is 42 years old. 1 win in last 8 seasons I can't imagine Chip keeping him for next season. Gotta get a younger guy in there that meshes well with larson I think your starting to see some jealousy from Jamie regarding Larson to be honest
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    Kyle Busch confirms he doesn't like Brad Sorry if this was posted anywhere else! “Sometimes you just don’t like a guy — fact of the matter,” Busch said, commenting on their long-running rivalry. “I never ran into Matt Kenseth; I don’t...
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    Does it seem like cautions are lasting longer?

    I feel like over the last few years cautions are taking much longer than normal. Even for single car spins Yesterday on Lap 184 the #50 truck spun, with no damage and they were under caution for 7 laps! Too me that is insane, I feel like it should have only been 4 laps, but 7?!?!!? And that's...
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    ARca on dirt

    Tomorrow, springfield Il MAV TV
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    The Announcers Thread

    Looking through threads, seems like there is a lot of posts about announcers so why not just keep it in one thread? I prefer FOX over NBC, though that's not saying much. On the Fox side; Mike Joy seems to have given up, D.W. is a character mostly created by FOX, and Jeff Gordon sounds like he...
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    NASCAR declined IMS request to run Brickyard on Saturday in 2018 Speedway officials are pleased that a schedule shake-up for 2018 will move the Brickyard to Sunday, September 9, making it the all-important last chance race for entry to the NASCAR playoffs. The 400 is known as much...
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