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  1. Team Penske

    The hell with adds.

    It seems like I can't get any news or information about Nascar without turning off my add blocker. I guess I will be leaving everything Nascar on my computer, which isn't to bad. Maybe I will enjoy the racing more.
  2. Team Penske

    Does it really matter what the car is?

    You could watch Hudson, Buick, Old's, Chrysler, Chevy, Pontiac, Fords, Mercury or any other car that are manufactured and they all have one agenda and that is to WIN. Most times the ones who pour the most resources into it usually become the winning teams. Recently (last 15 yrs) Nascar gets to...
  3. Team Penske

    Should Pit Crew members own up for their performance?

    Fines and penalties are dolled out to the team but the pit crew member that caused the problem isn't effected. I know if problems are consistent they are replaced on the team, however I think the person responsible for tightening the wheel nuts is the one who should be penalized by suspension...
  4. Team Penske

    William Byron wins

    I liked this lad from the start and I think just having the #24 on his car was a distraction. Last season they moved Chad to his car and I thought that was a huge mistake. Go back some years and Tony was the hot driver with his CC. They put Joey in Cup with the wrong CC. He was bringing a car to...
  5. Team Penske


    Okay, most of you know how this works but for those of you that don't..... What is your one and only one bold prediction for the upcoming season? Take your time and think hard. You've got some time so think carefully before you lock anything in. You only get one prediction. Your prediction...
  6. Team Penske

    Who is Better?

    So much has been said of the golden child Bell but then it was the same for Jones. With both drivers having 1 year in Cup driving a JGR 5th car, who has the better record to date?
  7. Team Penske

    Determining a Champion

    There has been much said about how to win the championship. In the 90's, I never felt cheated if a driver won the points championship the week before. It just showed who did the best week in and week out. Then came the "chase" which eventually made the decision so ridiculous most of the season...
  8. Team Penske

    Kyle runs 1/2 season for wins?

    A few years ago KB came back from injury, ran a 1/2 season and won the championship. He really hasn't been a threat any other year even though he makes the final 4. IMO he starts the season off and tries to win every race which usually nets him enough points to make it to the final four...
  9. Team Penske

    Richie Parker

    Does anyone know if he still works at HMS?
  10. Team Penske

    Nascar TV Revenue

    I was watching the news (here in Canada) and they were reporting on Apple's lack of sales for i pads and i phones. It seems they are changing their business practice to compete with Amazon and Netflix as well as other streaming Canadian Businesses. It looks like cable and satellite may become...
  11. Team Penske

    Disgruntled and Aggravated posters section for all your Complains.

    As promised a section for those who want to Piss and Moan about Nascar or this Forum.:sarcasm:
  12. Team Penske

    Bold Predictions for 2018

    I don't know how this was done in the past or if someone has the spread sheet for it. If no one wants to do this I will give it a shot. Rule #1. You may post your prediction on this thread and that is all. If you want to make comments about others, start another thread. For now please just...
  13. Team Penske

    Correct history of DEI / RCR engines

    Wish I knew.
  14. Team Penske

    Has Kurt Bush

    sealed his fate with Monster?? I was hoping that they would return in the off season as his sponsor. Maybe they wanted to see how well he would do. Now that he has been eliminated do in part to a drivers error, they may feel justified in not renewing his contract. The next question is will Hass...
  15. Team Penske


    In his first race he drove pretty good other than a few mistakes on pit road. Today I think he did a fine job all around and got a decent top 20 finish. Hope he can keep this up and land a sponsor.
  16. Team Penske

    Carl to Nascar

    Two things I got from watching the program today. 1. Gibbs said that Carl will be involved in the team this season (not as driver) 2. I think as early as end of season, Carl will join Nascar themselves. If I am right, racing could get better.
  17. Team Penske


    Enjoy! Why Go to Church? One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to which he replied, "I'm not going." "Why not?" she asked. "I'll give you two good reasons," he said. "One, they don't like me, and two, I don't like them." His...
  18. Team Penske

    Tony Lost

    his court case against his insurance company who refused to cover him when the kid was killed. His lawyers are going to appeal.
  19. Team Penske

    R-F in house Challenge

    So there is no in house racing challenge played just for fun and bragging rights? Are there many members that would be interested in joining?
  20. Team Penske

    Parrot? Why?

    RCR names Daytona 500 crew chiefs for Ty Dillon and Brian Scott: Richard Childress Racing confirmed that two veteran, Daytona 500-winning crew chiefs will oversee the teams for Ty Dillon's and Brian Scott's runs in the Great American Race on Feb. 22. Todd Parrott, who won the 500 with Dale...
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