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  1. Revman

    Ty Gibbs Appreciation Thread

    Because I want a Ty Gibbs appreciation thread. Saw him wheel it in Portland in the rain in Practice, and I am sold. Rain is awesome, and Portland was a great place for it....Listening to Ty modulate the throttle out of 8 was an opportunity of a lifetime. Just incredible.
  2. Revman

    Logano's Move

    Alright, you have a nice guy driver in William Byron pissed off. You have Hall of Famer, Bill Elliott, in the booth disagreeing with what Joey did. You have Hall of Famer, Jeff Gordon, saying that he would have liked to see Joey try to pass clean first. My questions....1) Yes or No on the dump...
  3. Revman

    Happy Easter Everybody!

    Happy Easter! ....and Happy Race Day! Let's go!
  4. Revman

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    Bubba Wallace on E60 tonight. I think this will be big!
  5. Revman

    Next Gen Affiliates

    So, just thinking about affiliates, and the Next Gen. What will they look like moving forward with the Next Gen? Will levels of service be exclusively intellectual property?
  6. Revman

    SMT Data---Why?

    So, why is SMT data available in NASCAR? Why would we make throttle tracings and brake pressure available to all? Gabehart consistently feeds Denny data about what other drivers are doing. In a driver-centric series, why the hell would we want to share secrets? Let the drivers figure it out for...
  7. Revman

    The Case for the Playoff System....and crowning of a Champion

    Okay, here we go....and remember (How could you forget?) my Toyota bias. If the season ended today, Denny Hamlin would be Champion. Okay, I know the points used to be awarded differently, but stay with me. Raise your hand if you think Denny is anywhere close to Larson....
  8. Revman

    Garage/Pit Lane COVID Protocols

    So, I am having one hell of a hard time with NASCAR's policy of fully vaccinated guests allowed into the garages and pit road. If this is required for the guests, why in the hell isn't it required of the drivers? I have been hearing them squealing about how they want them back--particularly Mr...
  9. Revman

    Has MTJ Gained a Step?

    Okay, MTJ is with a new Crew Chief, and after a year of promise last year is rolling. Dominates when the drivers have to wrestle the cars all day. Time to give him some credit?
  10. Revman

    NEXT GEN! Let's go!!!!!

    Very excited for today! This is going to be cool!
  11. Revman

    Christopher Bell Appreciation Thread

    Well, just because....Super happy for this guy....and even happier for his Crew Chief! Big time happy for MY TRD and Toyota Racing friends. Lots invested in Bell, and much criticism over putting Bell in the 20 over Jones.
  12. Revman


    Because NASCAR Radio can't handle it, what are your team power rankings? Mine.... 1. Penske 2. SHR 3. JGR 4. Hendrick 5. Ganassi 6. Wood Brothers 7. RCR 8. 23IX 9. JTG 10. Roush 11. RPM 12. Front Row 13. Spire 14. StarCom 15. Rick Ware 16. Trackhouse 17.MBM 18. Live Fast
  13. Revman

    Chilli Bowl

    I am not a dirt guy, but I watched....trying to get the idea for Bristol. Somebody who is....rate that race. Additionally, it fascinates me that Larson doesn't mention TRD (I don't think he can), and Toyota Racing claims the win in social media, but not the driver. Why doesn't Chevy just make...
  14. Revman


    Merry Christmas to all! Great place with great discussions, arguments, brawls, etc. Have a great time! Be safe! God bless!
  15. Revman


    Okay, Gluck posted a great article in the Athletic about how three day race weekends are basically gone. While I get it from the owner's pocket book perspective, I, for one, am really bummed. Loved Fridays when only the hard core fans came out, and moving around a track was easy. I could live...
  16. Revman

    RCR/Hendrick Engines

    I might have missed an already posted thread on this, but I was sorting through Samantha Busch references in the Kyle Busch Appreciation thread. Apologies.....but this is a big deal in my NASCAR world. Very intriguing.
  17. Revman

    Manufacturer Battle

    This thread will either get no posts and slip into oblivion, or something more than that....Let's see..... I was very public about Chevy getting a gift this year. Without questions they have already squandered their advantage. Completely pathetic. What I didn't expect (yes, @StandOnIt I am flip...
  18. Revman

    Practice/No Practice Thread

    Whatcha got? Gabehart says this is fine for smaller teams until sim becomes the end all....then they get priced out again. KB says his team is suffering without it. I think it's fine until fans come back...then lessens the weekend experience.
  19. Revman


    Happy Father's Day to all dads here!
  20. Revman

    Truex without Pearn

    I say he is just fine. Once they put a race together, I believe he will go on a run. Massively impressed with his speed. Yeah, I know the results aren't there, and there are reasons for that, but when most of the Toyotas run top 5 at best, he has race winning speed. I have always loved the guy...
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