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    PLEASE!! Pass this on to other parents!

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    Bobby East

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    Future Proofs Past

    Jay showing us past history.
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    Ahead of their time.

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    RedGreen TV

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    VW Gooseneck Trailer

    Idea outside the box.
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    Classic Indycar Races
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    Every Indianapolis 500 video

    Watch every Indianapolis 500 by clicking on the link.
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    Blue Angels

    Last show here before they go to San Diego for the winter.
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    Starlink Quantum Internet (Project Odin)

    Worldwide high speed internet is coming soon near you.
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    Worker Shortage

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    Youtube links not working

    Template public:_media_site_embed_twitter not found. Try rebuilding or reinstalling the s9e/MediaSites add-on.
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    2020 List

    Add another one to the list I thought I would never see.
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    Thunderbird Ride Along

    One of the best I have seen. Explains a lot of what your body is doing and shows by examples why your body is doing that. Utmost respect for the pilots that fly.
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    Last Words 'Lunch'

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