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    Jimmie Johnson takes a bow

    Hat's off to Jimmie. I never was a fan, and that's nothing personal there, but he really was a great driver and he would outdrive just about anybody out there when that car was dialed in. I dunno how many times I saw him go from the rear to the front for a win gnashing my teeth about it lol...
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    NASCAR All In: Battle for Daytona

    Didn't see a thread on this, searched for one and nothing. Don't know how I missed this show. Enjoying it. It's on the Motortrend channel and originally aired back in February. Not sure how many episodes. They follow Corey Lajoie, Austin Dillon and Tyler Reddick up to and into the Daytona...
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    Adjustments on the cars

    Ok maybe a dumb question here but how are they making adjustments on the cars? I know they sometimes remove or install spacers in the springs when they change tires and adjusting air pressures is a big deal. But they used to crank on the cars at the back window. One of those adjustments was...
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    live streaming the race

    Is anybody live streaming the race from somewhere? We have dish network and no NBC...
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    Gravatar test

    Not looking right. But when I click on my profile I see it. Anybody know how I can fix that?
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    Larson running the wall

    When's he going to learn to find other grooves that work well without tesring up a car and ending all hope? I told my girlfriend watch him tear his car up and lose the race. He bumped the wall once and got lucky then he did it again and his tire went down. None of the 4 ran up that high but...
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