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  1. JGR_20

    Door Bumper Clear podcast

    We have a discussion for the Dale jr Download going from time to time, anyone here fans of ‘Door Bumper Clear’? I really enjoyed last weeks episode with Blake Shelton calling in to talk with the guys. I could listen to Blake talk some nascar stuff each week lol
  2. JGR_20

    Predict Hendrick Motorsports Cup Stable For 2025

    I thought this might be fun to a degree. I’m curious as to everyone’s predictions. I feel like Hendrick is in an interesting time with its drivers. Jimmie is on the way out, to the moment we haven’t heard who takes that seat... Chase is lighting up doing what many hoped he would. William is...
  3. JGR_20

    2020 Darlington Throwback Schemes

    I didn’t see a current thread for this years throwbacks... seems like teams might start releasing more of them soon. This came out today... Tyler Reddick throwing back to some of Jeff Burton’s colors...
  4. JGR_20

    Rivalries In Cup Series

    I’m sure this has been done before, but just generally speaking... which Cup Series Rivalry would be listed as your favorite since you’ve been a fan? I mean ‘Rivalry’ as in the way the journalists and media spin it as well... because that word DOES get used way too much... for example, many...
  5. JGR_20

    A Race Win That Saved A Career

    Inside of the NASCAR ranks, is there a driver who won a race at the perfect time, therefore saving his NASCAR career? What race win(s) do you think saved a drivers spot inside this sport... One could argue that every single win could be pointed to... but I’m talking about drivers who were...
  6. JGR_20

    Name something you LIKE about today’s NASCAR racing

    I’m taking a huge risk at this... I cringe at how this could turn out... We can always read and see opportunities to discuss what’s ‘wrong’ with today’s version of nascar... but please, name one thing that you like about nascar racing right now, or something that the sanctioning body has done...
  7. JGR_20

    First Memories Of Watching Cup Series

    Hey everyone, I thought it might be fun to hear everyone’s first memory of watching Nascar Cup racing... So when was the first time you recall seeing the Cup series? For me, it goes back to the 1995 brickyard 400. The huge rain delayed race where it finally got started really late in the day...
  8. JGR_20

    Which of Jimmie Johnson's Championships is most impressive?

    I really want this to be a serious topic, not a bash towards Jimmie or a "certain points system" or any of that stuff... Sometimes it's hard to understand the magnitude of a dynasty as it's still happening... whether anyone likes it or not it's truly incredible what Jimmie and his #48 team have...
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