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  1. Clutch

    Congrats, Mr Kurt Busch!

    Kurt can race a car as well as anyone. Definitely one of the best ever.
  2. Clutch

    Happy Canada Day to Canucks here.

    Hope you have a great day! My Mom in Vancouver just had her birthday on June 29, My younger bro is today Canada day and my elder brother is July 4 Independence day. It's a busy week. Enjoy your day.
  3. Clutch

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Wow, that is really good!
  4. Clutch

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    I like it. Hope I get to watch it somehow.
  5. Clutch

    Pre Race Thread 2020 Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 (Brickyard 400) from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    Indianapolis 2011 was the highlight of Paul Menard's career.
  6. Clutch

    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, Rd. 2

    We have seen the footage, Blaney.
  7. Clutch

    A big step forward for NASCAR in Germany

    They just showed that down here too but now they have a replay of Talladega on. My favourite track. :wub:
  8. Clutch

    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, Rd. 2

    Calculated risk.
  9. Clutch

    Pocono Bonehead

    Do you know if that was the right front?
  10. Clutch

    Waht is Microsoft Edge used for?

    That's OK as long as you don't make it your default browser.
  11. Clutch

    Pocono Bonehead

  12. Clutch

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Pocono #2

    Fair to say that you didn't have a great weekend at Pocono.
  13. Clutch

    Cup RACE thread --- Pocono, Rd. 2

    Wow. We got the nice Hamlin today.
  14. Clutch

    The Announcers Thread

    He wasn't mentioned at all.
  15. Clutch

    2020 Pocono Doubleheader Pre Race Thread

    It was awesome!
  16. Clutch

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Pocono #1

    Kidding....plenty of races remain
  17. Clutch

    NASCAR Pick 'Em 2020 - Pocono #1

    2021 Pick 'Em
  18. Clutch

    Larson returns to dirt

    Come to think of it. Career change to jockey. Trade 750 hp for one horse power.
  19. Clutch

    Larson returns to dirt

    He's the perfect size. But I don't want the rehabilitated Larson.....just the one who realized and deleted that word from his vocabulary after his indiscretion while speaking when the mic was hot.
  20. Clutch

    Johali's Rate the Cup Race --- Pocono, Rd. 1

    I commend you for that pick
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