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  1. Marcingak

    Nascar fans life style changes

    My sleep schedule has changed as well. I watch a lot of tv shows and currently playing Nioh on PS4. Great game!
  2. Marcingak

    2020 IndyCar Miscellaneous

    I hope they run some oval races on iracing. The road courses are boring to watch in that game.
  3. Marcingak

    iRace - IndyCar at Watkins Glenn Saturday 3/28

    Conor Daly is awesome. Reminds me of Lando Norris.
  4. Marcingak

    Cletus McFarlane Freedom 500

    That video is from March 9, before all of these Covid19 shutdowns. I doubt the race will go ahead as planned.
  5. Marcingak

    Johali’s rate the race iracing style

    Hamlin did win the race by passing on the high line.
  6. Marcingak

    F1 2020 News/Misc.

    The virtual race was pretty bad compared to the NASCAR race. They only ran 14 laps and it had no current drivers aside from Lando Norris.
  7. Marcingak

    Where was the race today?

    There will be a replay today at 5 PM on Fox Sports 1.
  8. Marcingak

    IRACE thread --- Homestead

    Not in NYC. We have to listen to the mayor's speech instead.
  9. Marcingak

    IRACE thread --- Homestead

    Formula 1 will have a virtual race later tonight. Not sure about the driver lineup though.
  10. Marcingak

    Jayski History

    Pretty cool.
  11. Marcingak

    Hey NASCAR... Give Us Some "Outside The Box" Thinking Please

    I guess we will have to finish the season on iracing.
  12. Marcingak

    Michael Waltrip Movie

    Thanks. I found it free on demand on the Motor Trend channel in my cable subscription. Watching now.
  13. Marcingak

    Old races to rewatch while we're postponed

    I don't find it fun watching something I already know the outcome of. It's the same reason I never watch movies more than once.
  14. Marcingak

    Alan Gustufson-Bonehead of the Week

    The 2 car's pit strategy was even worse.
  15. Marcingak

    Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

    Exactly. This was real racing, not the wide open, no brakes necessary crap we saw last week.
  16. Marcingak

    Cup RACE thread --- Phoenix

    Ooh la la
  17. Marcingak

    Cali Bonehead

    I think Larson doesn't really take NASCAR seriously. He prefers dirt racing.
  18. Marcingak

    RACE thread --- Fontana

    Blaney has a fast car, too. He won stage 2.
  19. Marcingak

    Bounty on Kyle Busch

    The truck races are much more fun to watch when there are no Cup drivers there leading every single lap.
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