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  1. 28car

    Want to see a Winston cigarette add

    on HULU Look up the Beverly Hillbillies Season one episode 2 about a minute in they sing about how good Winston cigarettes are
  2. 28car


    With all the slack Newman is receiving for being in the way, to hard to pass, not moving over to let MattD win Why do I not hear........Hamlin should have just followed MattD and let him win.
  3. 28car

    Promo code for Kentucky speedway

    there is a spot to enter a promo code during seat selection Anyone know of a code to use?
  4. 28car

    Bowyer / Newman

    Is there more video of what happened on track other than Newman on the white line and Bowyer coming down. Is that all that happened? Or what did I miss? And was the helmet cooling system still attached to Clint’s helmet?
  5. 28car

    Just realized this......manufactures

    no particular reason on why I didn’t notice this before The starting line up for Dover 15 Ford 17 Chevy 5 Toyota
  6. 28car

    What if Cup car fails inspection after Homestead......are they even checked?

    Sure they have to pass pre-race inspection but we've seen this year parts made to adjust (not fail) "rear window" If "NO" then what would stop them from making the cars adjustable / self adjustable How altered or adjustable will these final 4 cars be?
  7. 28car

    Remembering our Fallen Hero's

    SGT. Matthew D. Hunter https://www.iraqwarheroes.org/hunter.htm KIA January 23, 2006 Brother in-law not on the 6 car listed with others on the hood of 55 car
  8. 28car

    Rules question.....looked could not find answer

    Using Kevin Harvick as an example...or even Kyle Busch won 3 races early in the season, just on their track record, very good chance to make chase Question is, What is the minimum races to start to still qualify for the “Chase”? What if Kevin decided after his 3 wins to not run the Talladega...
  9. 28car

    truck series last race, who's gonna win it

    The truck race is usually a better race so I expect some more excitement Bell is my pick
  10. 28car

    has LP2008 stopped loading races?

  11. 28car

    Back in the day....Richmond

    My first NASCAR race was Richmond in 1989 after the race was over the grandstands were opened and we could walk down on to the track roughly 20 to 30 minutes after the race I was walking in turn 3 and 4 and had to forcefully pull my shoes from the rubber that was on the track also at that time...
  12. 28car

    The decal wrap on the cars

    Has anyone seen it completely peel off?
  13. 28car

    Why would any team not cheat to get a win in first 26 races!

    One win is all it takes to get in the Chase Past history shows you get to keep the win just lose some points easier to make up points than wins
  14. 28car

    Wonder how long that banner was loose before JJ needed a caution?

    Had Johnson pitted, no way he would have won!
  15. 28car

    Talladega....heading that way later today!!!

    Anyone know of some cool things to do that are not advertised? Staying thru Monday.
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