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  1. Bucky Badger

    7 teams lose practice times for Richmond

    I was reading 7 teams lose practice time, Jones loses 60 minutes for failing inspection 3 times i Believe. If we are going to take wins away, should't teams be dis-qualified for not passing inspection to begin with :eek:
  2. Bucky Badger

    Stewart stuck in elevator on his birthday

    Welcome to Madison pal.:D MADISON, Wis. - NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, who turned 46 Saturday, was briefly stuck in the elevator of a east Madison hotel early Sunday, a fire official said. Madison Fire spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster said firefighters responded to the Staybridge Suites at 3301...
  3. Bucky Badger

    LOL Andy

  4. Bucky Badger

    Need a better fence

    Damn Doge:XXROFL:
  5. Bucky Badger

    My Hunting Friends...

    Please be careful out there this year. Sunday I lost a great friend when he fell out of his 20ft tree stand after he shot a deer.
  6. Bucky Badger

    Our newest foster

    Just got her, moira, today. What a scared doge.
  7. Bucky Badger

    Issues with nfl thread

    I can't post in there. Anyone else having problems
  8. Bucky Badger

    Ice Road Trucker Darrell Ward Dies

    Reality TV star Darrell Ward, who came to fame on the History Channel program Ice Road Truckers, died in a plane crash on Sunday, 28 August 2016 near Clinton, Montana. He was 52. News of the fatal crash, in which Ward's co-pilot also reportedly perished, came via a press releaseposted Sunday...
  9. Bucky Badger

    Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star and Comedic Icon, Dies at 83

    Gene Wilder, who regularly stole the show in such comedic gems as “The Producers,” “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “Stir Crazy,” died Monday at his home in Stamford, Conn. His nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said he died of complications from...
  10. Bucky Badger

    Home explodes a few miles from me

    26 houses damaged FITCHBURG, Wis. - Madison Gas and Electric says there's no evidence of a leak or explosion in the underground gas distribution system in the area where a house exploded in Fitchburg. Man critically injured in house explosion has broken bones, burns The statement...
  11. Bucky Badger

    Broken cars and restarts

    So with Truex yesterday and the broken shifter starting near the front only having 4th gear, should cars like these have to start in the back, they are going to end up there anyways...good way to ruin a lot of good cars
  12. Bucky Badger

    Sitting at Sacramento arport

    Waiting to go back to Wisconsin. While I had a great vacation in the mountains, I'm glad to be getting out of FEE infested state.
  13. Bucky Badger

    Commercial Breakdown 2015

    per Jayski Daytona 500 Race and Commercial Breakdown: For those of you NASCAR fans that like stats and love to hate commercials, here is the breakdown for Sunday's race. Began recording the times at the Invocation of the race at 1:11 PM, and stopped at the waving of the checkered flag at 4:47 PM...
  14. Bucky Badger

    Dollar shave club

    Anyone here use it? looks tempting
  15. Bucky Badger

    Hulu Plus

    So I signed up for my free week and started watching some episodes of old tv shows...Do all shows have ads in them, in the 45 minute show..."movin On" there were probably 4 ads for best buy!!! Am i getting ads because i'm on my trial, or will they stay. Just never heard any one complain before
  16. Bucky Badger

    arrogant @sshole

    You know this dummy is going to the big show and he acts like an @sshole
  17. Bucky Badger

    Did the "Hauler" thread go poof?

    Or whatever it was called?
  18. Bucky Badger

    video test

  19. Bucky Badger

    video test

  20. Bucky Badger

    there's one h3ll of a party going on somewhere

    44,000 pounds of Miller High Life beer stolen from truck stop ORLANDO, Fla. — A truck driver broke down in tears on Tuesday while telling Channel 9 about the thieves who drove off with his semi full of beer from an Orange County truck stop. The victim's truck and at least one other were...
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