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  1. Marcingak

    NASCAR Heat 4 made me realize how bad the racing package in NASCAR is

    I've been playing NASCAR Heat 4 for the past week. I liked it at first as I progressed through the ranks but then I started to realize that you can run pretty much every track except for road courses flat out. No need to use the brakes. They need to bring back high horsepower and low downforce...
  2. Marcingak

    Anyone familiar with how unemployment insurance works?

    Let's say I work this week but next week my employer won't have any work for me. So, I will report my earnings for this week and will get partial benefits or no benefits depending on how many hours I work. Then, next week I will receive full benefits if I don't have any work. Is that correct?
  3. Marcingak

    Alonso says oval racing is easy

    LOL this guy is so full of himself. “Probably my instinct will tell me [I prefer the] road course, because it’s what I’ve been used to doing all my life, but the Indy 500 was an amazing experience, so 50/50," he said. "I think I love the way the car feels on a road course, but I love the way...
  4. Marcingak

    Thinking about going to the Pocono race

    This would be my first time going to a race. They have a $99 Tricky Track Pack that includes 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 sodas. It's on level 1, though. Is that a good area? I'm guessing we won't get to see much of the track from so low. Also, is the pit pass worth getting?
  5. Marcingak

    Interesting article on the evolution of pit stops It's amazing how far pit stops have come. Do you guys think we'll ever see a sub-10 stop? I don't think we will unless they go to wheels with one lug nut or someone invents an...
  6. Marcingak

    Did you guys know NASCAR cars used to have cigarette lighters?

    Badass From:
  7. Marcingak

    Sebastian Vettel?

    A lot of people were praising him as the best F1 driver ever after winning 4 consecutive titles but this year he's getting his ass kicked by his rookie teammate. Seems to me like Vettel isn't as good as people give him credit for. He just always had superior equipment compared to the rest of the...
  8. Marcingak

    Ford Ecoboost?

    They sponsor Roush's cars sometimes. Was wondering what you guys thought. Seems like a gimmick to me. I was looking at Ford's website and I noticed that the Ecoboost engines don't get as good fuel mileage. For Example on the Ford Explorer, the 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine gets 20 mpg combined, and the...
  9. Marcingak

    Chad Knaus finally get a girlfriend and Johnson stops running well

    Coincidence? I think not. Obviously, his new girlfriend is taking his focus away from the track.
  10. Marcingak

    Top 10 drivers without a Cup Championship

    1. Junior Johnson 2. Mark Martin 3. Fireball Roberts 4. Davey Allison 5. Kyle Busch 6. Ricky Rudd 7. Fred Lorenzen 8. Denny Hamlin 9. Tim Richmond 10. Geoffrey Bodine
  11. Marcingak

    A message from Jimmie Johnson
  12. Marcingak

    Michael Waltrip is hilarious

    I've been watching some old nascar races and interviews on youtube. This one's one of my favorites. haha
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