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    CGR plans on quick IMSA return

  2. DUN24

    Bob Varsha Battling Prostate Cancer

    This thread could have gone in any of the racing sub-forums as he's covered them all extensively. Really terrible news. Same disease that took my mom's mom several years ago. Fight like hell, Bob...
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    Welcome Back...

    TO THE LAKESHOW LBJ is the first man since Magic Johnson to have 3 triple-doubles in 3 straight games Lakers came back from a 19 point deficit to win by 10 in the 4th, just another great road comeback in a super young season Tonight the laker BENCH scored 29 straight points Dwight Howard...
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    Steve O'Donnell or Kevin Durant?

  5. DUN24

    Steve Phelps on NASCAR: "We lost our way.." Refreshing to hear some realness from a NASCAR suit. Hilarious that they continue to miss the boat and alienate fans with the new rules package, however. They still seem to lack foresight.
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    IndyCar to Introduce 900hp Engines by 2021

    Boy is it going to be embarrassing when Indy has twice the power and half the weight of cup cars. This is exciting news though.
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    Jason Johnson

    Devastating. RIP
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    Dinner With Racers Podcast: Shane Hmiel

    What a guy. I was always a fan.. When he got popped for weed and blow, I actually became a bigger fan because well, I was screwing around with the same **** at the time, albeit on a way less dependent scale. I also just so happened to watch him race a midget at Hickory on a random Thursday. He...
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    The news we were all dreading...
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    It's time to end the 4 cars per team rule

    At a time where car counts are threatened and NASCAR loves changing rules more than ever, it's redundant to limit how many cars a team can bring to the track. It's going to be pretty damned depressing when Carl Edwards leaves the sport because of f****y racing and Matt Kenseth leaves because...
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    Shane Sieg

    I don't know the story but he has passed. RIP
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    The Sky Is Falling

    Sorry, couldn't help it.
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    You folks sure are quiet right now...
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    USA Today is Trash What are they, trying to kill all potenial hype? Writer doesn't even know who the drivers are, ffs
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    Cars 3

    I've heard very good things, from a NASCAR fan prospective. I've heard the comparison that Cars 1 was an ode to middle America while Cars 3 is an ode to stock car racing. Anyone seen it yet?
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    2017 Monster Energy Series Scorecard

    This is a great resource I found on Reddit awhile back. I try and remember to post em over here after each race..I figure it's probably a good idea to just have a thread to update after each race. *NOT MY SPREADSHEET After Dover 1:
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    Another Moron Climbs The Fence

    If this drunk a**hole fell... yeah.
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    Indycar Disrespect

    So because Rossi won on fuel mileage, and Alonso damn-near won with the class of the field, Indycar drivers are ****. Lewis should know better than anyone that equipment matters. The arrogance of...
  19. DUN24

    The 2018 IR-12!!!

    Indycar did well. So glad the bumper pods will be gone. Beautiful car.
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    Supercars Series For Sale

    TV corporations will be the death of motorsports
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