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    I have a longer drive to work now, so im trying to find some things to listen to. Anyone have suggestions on a good Podcast?
  2. Go Panthers

    Car navigation

    Alright guys, in in the market for a new car, i understand that you can run your phones navigation through Car Play on the indash screen on some cars. However only a handful of manufacturers have car play. Does anyone know if cars that don't have car play allow you to do that? Does that...
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    In the spirit of Christmas

    So what are some Christmas movies that are a must watch for you and your family? our list includes: Christmas Vacation Elf Christmas with the Kranks Four Christmases Love Actually (one of my wife's favorite movies) The Santa Clause
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    Does Country Music Need An Alcohol Intervention?

    Let me preface this with saying I don't mind drinking or a song here or there about drinking one bit, I've been known to have more than my share of alcohol in my day. But I've had it with country music, this Bro-Country movement has killed it for me...
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    Hoover Sauce

    Any of you gulf coasters heard of this stuff? My boss just gave me a big jug of it, looks like a marinade of some sort. Interesting to see if anyone else has tried this stuff out.
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    Smoked Chicken

    So I'm going to break out the smoker for the first time this season, going to smoke some baby back ribs and a whole chicken at the same time. I've done the ribs a few times, just never tried chicken. Anyone have any tips or anything?
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    Gun suggestion

    I'm purchasing a gun for home protection, I want something that my wife can easily shoot. No shotgun or rifle, I'd like to purchase a biometric safe to keep my kids out of it (2 year old and 1 year old). I'm starting to lean towards a revolver because of the ease of use. Anyone have any...
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    What's on the grill this weekend?

    Ok guys, College football starts, well tonight, but the majority of the games are on Saturday. Who's firing their grill up for some game food, if you are, what's going on it? I'll be smoking some baby back ribs Saturday afternoon, hopefully they will be done in time for the Alabama-VT game.
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    Dick Trickle RIP

    Dick Trickle took his own life earlier today. Sad.
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    Could use some prayers today

    My wife gave birth to our second son on August 9th, so we have a perfect 14 month old son and another perfect 1 month. Our newborn failed two hearing test right after he was born, so they scheduled him for additional hearing test for later today, this test is to determine if he has any hearing...
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    What car do you miss?

    A buddy and I were talking about the good ole days earlier and we got to talking about the cars we miss seeing on the track on Sundays. Without question I miss that black #3, but that obvious. A number of years ago when I was in high school I was lucky enough to work for Rudd Performance...
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    New Addition

    I'm excited to say that my wife and I will be welcoming another child in early August. This will be our 2nd, our 1st is only 6 months old, so please pray for my sanity ;)
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    Mayfield arrested

  14. Go Panthers

    Baby watch

    I am officially in baby watch mode, the wife was diagnosed with preeclampsia on Tuesday and has another dr's appointment this afternoon. Luckily she's at 38 weeks so if for some reason they have to induce labor today or anytime soon the baby is at full term. Needless to say I'm a nervous...
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    Where to listen?

    Okay, so I'm sure I'm not the only one stuck at work without a radio, does anyone know where to listen to the races online today?
  16. Go Panthers

    How to fix Nascar

    Ok guys, we've all seen the empty seats at the races this year, and now SMI comes out with their report about ticket sales. What are your ideas of fixing nascar? The first thing id do is scrap the COT and go back to something more similar to a stock car. The cars looking nothing like what...
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    where to listen?

    Anyone know where i can listen to the duals on internet? Stuck at work with no radio.
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    Tom Tom, Garmin, or Magelan

    Ok so my TomTom just crapped out, so im honestly thinking about taking it out of the mix. Anyone have any suggestions on what to get next? Seems to be Garmin is the favorite.
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    Skip Caray

    I know this has nothing to do with racing but if you are from the Southeast then your probably a Braves fan and are missing the voice of the Braves. Thoughts and Prayers to the Caray family in the passing of Skip Caray. I still get chills when i hear the clip of "the slid" BRAVES WIN...
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    Worst Race in Nascar history?

    Which race in NASCAR's history do you believe is the worst ever? I've seen a lot of races, but not able to go over 10 laps on a set of tires makes yesterday's Brickyard the worst I've ever seen.
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