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  1. PushRodV8

    iRacing PC Complete

    Finally she is done. Can't believe the difference it makes in iRacing. Only have $450 in it. Not only does the graphics look better but it is so much smoother and faster. iRacing just got a lot more fun. I bought a used Sapphire HD 6950 2GB and a new old stock ASUS gaming motherboard. The rest...
  2. PushRodV8

    Looky Looky

    So I go to school this morning, walk in and see this........ It's Caleb Holman's truck that he will race at Atlanta. Some of his crew was there setting it up on the pull down rig. Man that thing is clean underneath. Also someone donated an older Toyota truck to the school that is...
  3. PushRodV8

    Better Call Saul

    I don't know how many on here watched 'Breaking Bad' but I have and I have very excited for 'Better Call Saul'. I seen this nice article on Facebook about how Breaking Bad fans will love the "prequel" to Breaking Bad. The link does contain some mild spoilers as mentioned at the beginning but I...
  4. PushRodV8

    Corvette Racing and the Earnhardt's

    Cool little article about when Dale Sr and Jr raced the Daytona Rolex 24. I didn't know Dale wanted to eventually race at Le Mans. This article was posted on Corvette Racing's facebook page. edit: just realized I spelled Earnhardt wrong. How dare I
  5. PushRodV8

    Racing Magazines

    Anybody subscribed to any racing magazines? I'm looking for one that covers NASCAR, F1, Indycar and most of other racing but mention anything you are subscribed to. I know of Racer and RaceTech but looking for some reviews of them I guess.
  6. PushRodV8

    Kimi Raikkonen wants to race in NASCAR

    He said Thursday that he wants to race more in NASCAR and preferably at the Sprint cup level. I'm all for it but I doubt he will get the ride he wants and in the series he wants. Thoughts?
  7. PushRodV8

    Change is coming

    Rule changes are coming in 2015............. as in possible rules for less down force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. PushRodV8

    This is awesome

    So I'm attending a local community college for a degree in Automotive Service and Motorsports. I find out today that my instructor for my chassis class is an old crew member for drivers like David Pearson, Harry Gant and Tim Richmond. He also was a crew chief for an underfunded team in the truck...
  9. PushRodV8

    Aleshin Injured at Fontana

    Mikhail Aleshin is listed in “serious but stable condition” following a vicious wreck in final practice at Auto Club Speedway on Friday for the Verizon IndyCar season finale. Glad to...
  10. PushRodV8

    Bonehead of the week: Fan Edition

    I witnessed some idocracy last night and thought I would share. It was quite amusing but aggravating as well. I'll keep it short as possible. I gave the people involved their own names. lol So two rows in front of me sits this guy by himself (Dave), minding his own business. Another guy (Tom)...
  11. PushRodV8

    In-Car track bar adjustments

    Not sure if posted before but Bob Pockrass posted on twitter that there is testing for in-car adjustable track bars taking place at Michigan (i think) next week. What do you guys think? I think it could possibly make the racing better.
  12. PushRodV8

    Bristol and Martinsville bound...maybe

    So I just found out I might be getting some free tickets to the Bristol Night race and me and a buddy plan to buy tickets for the Martinsville race this fall. The Martinsville race is pretty much a sure thing but wont know about Bristol til the week of. So freaking pumped.
  13. PushRodV8

    Idris Elba does NASCAR

    This is what I believe a two part series. Its about an hour long. Idris Elba comes to the US to check out different types of racing. Junior Johnson, Jamie McMurray and Rusty Wallace are in it as well. The NASCAR part is at the end but I recommend watching it all.
  14. PushRodV8

    Just ordered

    I just ordered a Fanatec wheel and pedal set. Going to start sim racing. I figured this is as close as I'm going to get to actually racing anytime soon. Already bought a month of iRacing to make sure my computer could handle it. Graphics aren't that good but I can deal with it for now. Anybody...
  15. PushRodV8

    24 Hours of Le Mans

    Just started watching. Damn I love this race. It's on my bucket list. Pulling for Corvette Racing in the GT class and Toyota in the Hybrid Prototypes.
  16. PushRodV8

    No Ford in IndyCar anytime soon

    Cosworth is on the hunt for an OEM to compete in IndyCar and Ford doesn't seem interested. Personally, I think Audi will come about. They made comments in the past year they are interested and Chevrolet and Honda have welcomed the challenge. I don't know how an Cosworth/Audi partnership would...
  17. PushRodV8

    2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

    Just to get you guys in the mood. Starts next weekend! The gate's about to drop on the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season. This summer, the stakes are high and the rivalries are fierce as the riders gear up for another 12 rounds of motocross mayhem. The opening round kicks off May 24th at...
  18. PushRodV8

    AMA Motocross Coverage

    Anybody have any information on how the 2014 outdoor season will the covered? I can't find any solid info on it. Are motos going to be split between two networks again? cuz that really sucked
  19. PushRodV8

    NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

    So the euro series of NASCAR is growing over in europe. Does anybody see any European drivers coming over here to race in the future? Honestly I don't. There is one oval on the schedule and its a parking lot. Until they race on more ovals I don't see it happening. I feel like as long as the...
  20. PushRodV8

    Jimmie Johnson vs Kevin Harvick UFC Fight?

    Not sue if any of you guys caught the conversation on twitter but looks like JJ and Harvick are thinking about getting into a ring. JohnyHendricks and others got it started I think.x Not sure how to post multiple tweets on here but I trust you fellas can't find it. edit: here's his twitter...
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