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  1. Johnny G

    Found some old model kits

    Was at my parents house. Found a bunch of old model kits i bought in the 90s.Got a few cool ones in here:
  2. Johnny G

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Like the one in the NASCAR thread but about non motorsports. Should lead to some fun debate. I'll start off: Brett Favre is the most overrated quarterback in NFL history.
  3. Johnny G

    MLB 2020

    Spring Training is almost here so lets get started.... Red Sox trade Mookie Betts & David Price to the Dodgers.
  4. Johnny G

    Sports Card Collecting

    Anyone here collect Sports Cards? I loved it as a kid and i still collect lightly today. Just the regular stuff nothing high end although i like watching videos on youtube of people opening the high end stuff. Always fun to root around at a flea market through boxes of older cards. Completed a...
  5. Johnny G

    Any Soccer fans in here?

    Have a feeling I'm not gonna get a big response here but any footy fans on the forum? I'm a huge fan myself, my #1 sport actually. Follow the English Premier League pretty hardcore. Liverpool fan. Champions League Final in a few weeks plus it's a World Cup year. Anyone else?
  6. Johnny G

    MLB 2018

    Pitchers & Catchers are reporting to Spring Training. Many baseball fans round here? If so who is your team? I'm a Red Sox fan. Should be a fun season.
  7. Johnny G

    NASCAR stuff you were REALLY wrong about.

    Idea for a new thread popped in my mind as i was remembering today how wrong i ended up being about Truex and Front Row . When Truex joined Front Row after Kurt Busch left to go to Stewart Hass, Iremember thinking how that was probably the end of Truex having a shot at being competitive. Now...
  8. Johnny G

    What were your favorite moments of the 2016 season?

    Two things stand out to me: Jimmie Johnson equaling Petty & Earnhardt with 7 Championships Martin Truex Jr absolutely blowing the doors off the field at the World 600
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