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  1. buckaroo

    Fifty Shades

    Okay, maybe this has been covered before but here's my take on the first book. In my work, I listen to books on tape/cd through my mp3 player. Over the years I've read/listened to close to 300 books, mostly mystery/suspense novels. When the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out, I had not...
  2. buckaroo


    Hank and group...where are they?
  3. buckaroo

    What a nut

    I've got this 2 year old Bichon Friese that is quite unique in what I've witnessed. He is the only dog that I've ever seen that will start out peeing with one leg lifted and then will change to lift the other leg without dropping a single drop of pee. What a nut!
  4. buckaroo

    North and South mods racing at Bristold

    Wednesday the North and South mods will be racing at Bristol in a combined race. Should be a good race. Watch for southern races Burt and Jason Myers, Tim Brown, John Smith to be the top southern drivers. Those teams are spending more and more money to try and keep up with the Northern...
  5. buckaroo

    Who is supporting these people?

    I just heard from a fellow mailman that they are already camping out at Best Buy. I just wonder what these people do for a living. Where are they getting their money...I mean, they can't be millionaires because...or wait, the millionaires are paying people to camp out in front of business' for...
  6. buckaroo

    QB concusions

    I counted three Sunday, San Fran, Philly and da Bears. Were there any others?
  7. buckaroo

    Quantum Mechanics...anyone?

    Any physicists out there? Explain in easy terms what a virtual particle is.
  8. buckaroo

    Red Bull Stratos

    I'm watching live the ascent of Red Bull Stratos with the mission for Felix Baumgartner to free fall back to the Earth, trying to reach the speed of sound. This is interesting.
  9. buckaroo

    Adele: Skyfall

    What do you think about the new James Bond movie theme song by Adele? Personally, I like it and it is clearly something that sounds like a Bond song. Now I can't wait to see the movie. Big James Bond fan here, regardless of who is playing the lead.
  10. buckaroo


    Will this year's Bathurst race be televised live in the US? If so, what station and time.
  11. buckaroo

    A weeks vacation...which one?

    What would you choose for your next vacation? Personally I would take the resort. Cruises are great but you are mostly limited to what you can do on board the ship. I've been on both more than once.
  12. buckaroo

    PGA Championship

    Great day for Northern Ireland. What a performance by Rory McElroy.
  13. buckaroo


    Just finished watching the two hour documentary about Ayrton Senna. I'd seen it before, but since it's been a while, I thought I would watch it again. Senna was a special driver and I couldn't help following him. His disputes with Alain Prost was very interesting. Also, with the head of FISA...
  14. buckaroo

    Hmmm, what happened?

    Sorry but I don't keep up with the goings on here daily, but I'm wondering what happened to the thread about AJ Almindinger? Just wondering what everyone who thought the second specimen would be negative. As an aside, I also wonder what would happen if this had happened to Junior, Gordon...
  15. buckaroo


    I know why ovals are raced counter clockwise, but why do they race road courses clockwise? It's the same with open wheeled cars. For you Aussies: I know that Bathurst is run counter clockwise but don't know about any of the other races. Do the ovals run clockwise? In the US they run...
  16. buckaroo

    Mayberry is now without their sheriff

    By now I'm sure y'all know that Andy Griffith has passed away. Andy's home town of Mt. Airy, the town that was the basis of Mayberry, is in total shock. Most of this area, northwest NC, have been showing their appreciation of what Andy did for his home. Lots of TV specials etc. Andy was...
  17. buckaroo

    Santana, Supernatural

    Just finished watching Santana's concert, Supernatural Live on DVD. I watched it when it was really live on TV and enjoyed it so much that I finally found a copy of the live version. I've got a studio version of Supernatural, but it isn't nearly as good as the live version. So many of those...
  18. buckaroo

    Bang Bang Shrimp

    I guess I should honor my old friend Kat and put this in the "Kat's Corner" thread of recipes, but I wanted to make sure people know of this great salad/appetizer. If you have a Bonefish restaurant in your area and have not tried it, give it a shot and order the Bang Bang Shrimp for an...
  19. buckaroo

    I'm off for a colonoscopy

    Tomorrow is the big day, but today is the day I hate most. But I did find out one thing that is good. Beer is considered a clear liquid so even if I can't eat anything worth a darn, I can enjoy a few beers. The really hard part starts in a few hours. :eek:
  20. buckaroo

    Jane Leeves vs. Peri Gilpin

    The wife and I have been watching the old reruns of Frasier from the beginning and are loving it again. I mentioned this to a friend at work this morning and talked about the butt on Jane Leeves. She looked great and my friend said yeah, but how about Roz (Peri Gilpin)? I never thought about...
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