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    Any fellow anglers out there? I can't wait to get out on the water. Up here in the land of 11,842 lakes the summer season kicks off with flathead cats in 2 weeks, then trout mid April and finally the big fishing opener mid May. What are you all going for this season? I'll post pics of my catch...
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    2018 Cup Schedule

    Big Changes leaked by The second Cup date at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which Speedway Motorsports Inc. moved from New Hampshire Motor Speedway, will serve as the kickoff race to...
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    What Makes Kansas so special?

    This is one of the things I forgot to ask last season as I was getting up to speed with NASCAR. I know we all like to deride the 1.5 miler's as "cookie cutters", but the drivers and teams all are quick to say that isn't the case. Specifically though, if you asked any driver last year which of...
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    NASCAR Testing new Plate-Track Aero Package stuff

    Seems like these two things are aimed at keeping the cars on the ground/improving safety. I had no idea there was a minimum ride height at Daytona and Talladega unlike at other tracks. The spoiler size could be an interesting thing to play with and I hope it does bring back some throttle...
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    Roger Penske: The next major step is cost reduction in NASCAR

    Preach it, captain:
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    The new Aero Package

    So what did everyone think of the new aero rules packaged that debut? Thumbs up/down? Did it have as big an effect as you hoped? and what will we see tested this season for 2018? Where does NASCAR go from here? IMO, this year's race wasn't as great an improvement as last years Atlanta was...
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    Rules/Features of other Motorsports in NASCAR

    So we're officially getting segmented races in NASCAR and possibly a repair clock, both of which have been longstanding rules in short track and rally racing, respectively. So looking forward, what rules or features of other motorsports could you see or would like to see be introduced to NASCAR?
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    Phoenix Renovation

    Looks like this is happening, folks. Preliminary plans submitted, and boy did they change things up. NBCSN has the story: PDF of the plans...
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    Your Ideal Sprint Cup Cars

    Inspired by @LewTheShoe 's thread. You are Brian France and can tell John Darby to do whatever you want. It's a year from now, near the end of the 2017 season and it's time to set how the next generation of cars will look. Again, you have complete control, you can make incremental changes or...
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    Xfinity Series to use Composite Bodies by 2018 Not sure how I feel about this one, I just don't know enough about the advantages and disadvantages.
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    2017 Rules Package

    Leaked to Big ones I see are the spoiler is even shorter than at Michigan this year but runs the regular width of the car, restrictor plates are smaller, and no mention of rear...
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    Hendrick steals William Byron Signed to a multi-year development deal and will race full-time in the xFinity series next year. Eat it TRD.
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    Teams in the year 2020

    Racehub did a series of shorts on what the commentators think the top teams will look like in 2020. Hendrick Gibbs Stewar-Haas Penske
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