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  1. Racer1930

    Cost of Racing - Quick Question

    Okay, I am getting close to retirement - I am not rich by any modern means but I am comfortable - I am divorced for many years and my (now grown) children are doing fine on their own. I have some "fun money" in my account(s). What would you think about the current cost of buying a decent...
  2. Racer1930

    Patio "Pot" Gardening - Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

    Well I told myself I wouldn't do it again - but I have. First of all you have to have a really big pot so the roots can stretch out. Super Sweet 100s are a hit-and-miss deal. When you "hit" and you get a thousand cherry tomatoes - it's like winning the lottery. The only problem with SS100s...
  3. Racer1930

    5 Irishmen walk into a bar

    (now don't get upset - I'm half Irish myself) The players in this question are Patrick O'Malley (owner of the Bar), his son, Patrick Jr.- Mr. James McCually (Mayor of the town) - Pastor Flannigan - and simple old Joe MacGregor (the local character who does janitorial duties and digs graves...
  4. Racer1930

    Double Vision

    This is way outside of Racing - but I am curious. I tend to see everything twice recently - at least up close. My distance vision is fine. At first I thought it was just the TV...but then I looked over at my aquarium and I saw two of them. Not very far apart. Note: I did switch glasses recently.
  5. Racer1930

    Concerning Lisa's post - family and such

    It's a tough deal...I'm divorced and was reconciling with my wife but my daughter Melissa got involved and pushed Kathy (the love of my life who we went through the berthing process and I changed 200 diapers+) talked her in to divorcing me - primarily because she didn't like me at the time...
  6. Racer1930

    2015 Honda "Fit" speed...others?

    Well I was heading up to my brothers' place at KY Lake and there is an area between Nashville and Paducah KY where there is basically no law enforcement. So I figured - what the heck - I have made this trip before and I figured "let's see what this little 4 cylinder 6 speed will do'' Got her...
  7. Racer1930

    Hot new SCCA car ??

    Honda is trying to replicate the "CRX Deal" they did 20+ years ago when they brought out the CRX and beat the Porsches right out of the showroom...
  8. Racer1930

    ATL -KY picks...request for analysis

    ATL/KY meaning I'm in Atlanta and they are in Kentucky OK so I said I wouldn't do this every week - but just once more - 5 picks winner gets a 12-pack of choice - Garry won last time. Me: KyBu, KuBu, Chase, Clint, Danica/Sten (in our group you get both of these drivers as a bonus - for...
  9. Racer1930

    Quick Question - Atlanta Race

    Hi All...just a question about our friendly racing contest (me and a buddy and his wife). I won't post anything like this consistently...but I need some quick advice. We all get 5 driver picks and a "stinger" who (if they win) get double points. Danica and Stenhouse are a package deal :) Who...
  10. Racer1930

    Talladega B!tching Thread

    As request by TRL this is the Talladega B!tching Thread :D I'll get it started: "Can you believe all these commercials?!!?" :cheers:
  11. Racer1930

    Hunting Season

    A Doe limps out of the forest and says: "That's the last time I'll do THAT for two bucks."
  12. Racer1930

    Back to a manual transmission - wow

    Well I thought it would be like getting back on a have done it and it should be easy. So anyway, as I mentioned before, I traded in my 2002 Buick Century Custom for a new Honda "Fit". Now the Honda is a pretty small car but it has decent size (around the driver's box) and it has...
  13. Racer1930

    Ideas on mobile BBQ cookers/smokers?

    I was wondering about advice. Looking forward to the fall (autumn) and I'm planning on doing some fairly size-able BBQ's with my son at various (tailgating) sporting events. Neither of us have major towing pickup trucks - but my vehicle can tow some. Question: Would I be better off with a...
  14. Racer1930


    Little Jimmy (7) and little Timmy (5) awaken to a new morning. Jimmy says: "I think it's time we start cussing like Dad" Timmy: (enthusiastically)..."Yes" Jimmy: "Okay, when we go down to breakfast I'll cuss first and then you cuss...what can Mom do?" Timmy: (giggling) "let's do it"...
  15. Racer1930

    Indy 500 - Coke 600 - Monaco....Wow

    Best racing weekend of the year !!:partytime:XXROFL::partytime bonus question: guess who this guy is....(note, he has kin still involved in racing)
  16. Racer1930

    Gardening - SuperSweet 100s - Cherry tomatos

    Well my SSW100s are about 2 feet tall now (they usually end up at 9-10). I planted them in pots with a 50%-50% of potting soil and local sand. Still plenty of time to put one in if you want to - just realize they do get really big. Got my two for $3.58 each at Walmart note: the Super...
  17. Racer1930

    The line at the Pearly Gate

    A train hits a bus load of nuns and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates past St.Peter. He asks the first nun Sister Karen have you ever had any contact with a *****??? The nun giggles and replies, Well, once I touched the head of one with the tip of my...
  18. Racer1930

    Squirrel problems

    Baptist Pastor calls up the Catholic Priest and asks him: "Since our churches are just across the street from each other I was wondering if you have also been having squirrel problems?" Priest: "We have had them before - they got into the wiring and made nests and were a real...
  19. Racer1930

    Well since this little "Hiccup" ....

    I guess I can post old jokes without being accused of re-posting ;) "Two old Winos are walking down a back alley - sharing a bottle - and they come across a stray dog that is licking it's private parts... One says to the other 'I wish I could do that' The other says 'hic"...well I don't...
  20. Racer1930

    Superbowl laughs

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