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  1. ahudsonman

    And that's why

    Inverting the field sucks!
  2. ahudsonman

    to the back

    Who had to go to the back in today's Cup race?
  3. ahudsonman

    Live Stream?

    This past year we subscribed to Fubo strictly to be able to see all 36 races. And it worked fine. The cost is approximately $60. Per month. I just cancelled it as I don't need it again till Feb. I have heard of a service called Sports TV. They are somewhere around $10-$20. Per month. Has anyone...
  4. ahudsonman

    Chase in a slump. Any reason to freak?

    Chase Elliott is in a slump. His last 5 finishes are: 15, 35, 11, 37, 20. Just a normal slump that all drivers to through? Or is it team slump....a team going backwards? Or something else? What say you?
  5. ahudsonman

    Need a little help

    We have a Roku, Sling TV and some Xfinity apps..... We are good for viewing the races on Fox, FS1, FS2, NBC SN, but the 7 races that are Regular NBC only .......... Cannot view and that includes the final 2 of the season. Any suggestions of how we can watch those NBC only races would be...
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