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  1. VaDirt

    Dirt track spotters

    So this caused quite a stir this morning, mostly among the dirt late model crowd.
  2. VaDirt

    A shame something like this couldn't happen these days

    Tim Richmond beats a field of NASCAR All-Stars to win a special dirt late-model race at Log Cabin Raceway in August 1985.
  3. VaDirt

    My 2017 season

    50 or so of my favorite shots from this year.
  4. VaDirt

    Jim Nabors

    Most knew him as Gomer Pyle. But racing fans will forever link him to Back Home Again in Indiana, which he sang every year for 36 years at the Greatest Spectacle in Motorsports. Rest in Peace Sir.
  5. VaDirt

    Ric Flair 30 fo 30

    If you haven't seen the ESPN 30 for 30 piece on Ric Flair, I highly recommend it.
  6. VaDirt

    The problem is This is actually an article focused on NHRA, but the other actually balances and points out the problem that's facing both NHRA and NASCAR. There's no silver bullet like "get rid of the chase" or "remove...
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    Ballsy promotor

    This past weekend, there was a three-state, three race challenge race. Super late models and crate late models running Thursday night at Georgetown, DE, Friday at Potomac, MD, and Saturday at Winchester, VA. Well, first Thursday rains out, then Friday rains out. The three tracks are working...
  8. VaDirt

    Race Hub, or Mr Rodgers Neighborhood?

    If you're not watching Race Hub right now, you're missing out. Chad Knaus looks exactly like Mr Freaking Rodgers. I swear I'm waiting for him to take his loafers off.:XXROFL:
  9. VaDirt

    NASCAR America - Home Tracks

    So last night I get an e-mail from one of the producers of NBCSN's NASCAR America. They are doing this series on the show now, short segments, call 50 States in 50 Days (or something like that). And tonight's segment will be on my home track Potomac Speedway. So aside from the big Junior...
  10. VaDirt

    Opening night

    So for y'all that attend your local tracks, how about some opening night status? For me, Potomac Speedway opens on Friday, and Virginia Motor Speedway the following Saturday. Damn, I can't wait.
  11. VaDirt

    Arena Racing

    Based out of Richmond, VA, Arena Racing USA runs in the Richmond Colosseum, and returned last night to the Hampton Colosseum. A high banked, prefab track, half-scale stock cars are a lot of fun to see. Tons of action.
  12. VaDirt

    Larry Damitz

    Larry Damitz, who was racing (and already a champion) when I was a kid, has passed away at 87. Larry not only raced when I was a kid, but was still racing (and winning races and championships) last year in California in a limited late model.
  13. VaDirt

    2017 Chili Bowl

    Two weeks away. And if you're not already fired up, this video should get you there. Another superb video from the folks at Loudpedal.
  14. VaDirt

    Rosberg to retire

    New Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg announces retirement Shocking news, I don't think anyone saw this coming.
  15. VaDirt

    Happy Veteran's Day

    Happy Veteran's Day. Let's see them pictures. ;)
  16. VaDirt

    Shane Unger

    Sad to report that Shane Unger lost his life tonight at the World 100. Heat race accident, no other details.
  17. VaDirt

    2016 Racing season

    So, I've had an interesting time the last few weeks. Had my annual physical, and noted some shortness of breath had developed, told the doc. Sent me to a stress test, which I failed, which was followed by a cardiac cath. Given the lack of any solid family history heart disease, it was thought...
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    Joey Coulter

    What's Joey Coulter up to these days? Running the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, that's what.
  19. VaDirt

    World of Outlaws World Finals

    Just got bigger. A weekend of racing has been added for the previous weekend, and is named the World Short Track Championships. Three days, 9 classes. DIRTcar/SECA Pro Late Models – A full-bodied late model with a Chevrolet Performance 604 engine DIRTcar UMP Modified – Open wheeled modifieds...
  20. VaDirt

    Favorite movie scenes

    I was going to limit it to horror movies, but decided to make it all movies. For me, as far as horror movies go, at the end of the movie, as the only girl to survive is gently floating in the canoe on a perfectly calm lake, fingers in the water, and the them BAM! There's Jason!
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