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    Current Generation Word

    There’s no shortage of issues with this new car, especially, but not limited to, wheels and tires. Then there’s the fire issue with rubber build up, steering and even suspension. I’m not a mechanical engineer, but in my humble opinion the first season with the new car continues to be something...
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    Chicago - 2023

    Has anyone seen a detailed layout of the entire area NASCAR has arranged for? Unless I’m mistaken the course itself has been identified, but I’d like to see what’s been allocated for pits, hauler space, seating, etc. On another subject, Chicago’s mayor has been taking grief from a couple of...
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    Hamlin and Busch Diqualified?

    Just read a post race inspection disqualified both. Anyone know if true, and if so, why!
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    7 Car Penalty

    The penalty was based upon an improperly installed wheel/tire. Anyone know exactly what was improper? If the lug wasn’t tight during a pit stop, how would anyone know? Because the lug came off is it assumed it wasn’t installed properly? Could there have been a defective hud or lug? If if it...
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    Kyle Bush Sponsor?

    The 19 car wore an “Ethyl M” logo, but Kyle’s fire suit and the uniforms of his pit crew the “M & M” logos. Was Ethyl M just a one race sponsor?
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    West Coast Races

    Do the teams have and/or rent temporary spaces/shops for the west coast series of races?
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    Race Flyovers

    The last 2 or 3 races I’ve watched have had flyovers, but the aircraft have not been military. Is something going on?
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    Chevy and NASCAR - Day’s numbered?

    In the first 6 months of 2021 Ford delivered over 30,000 Mustangs. Dodge also delivered 30,000+ Challengers. Chevy only 6,000 Camaros. All this has lead to the belief Chevy is going to drop it. I’m not alone in believing Chevy’s interest in the performance market is waning. If this is so, is...
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    Car Security?

    With the Xfinity race earlier today, I have to assume the cup cars had to be removed from the track, presumably in their haulers. If overnight modifications were not permitted, how did NASCAR insure teams complied. Did officials supervise the loading and the put seals on the haulers?
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    Truck Series Question

    How/why NASCAR decide on the size (5/8?) for the truck series? Same question w/regard to engine specs.
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    2021 Tire/Wheel Question

    Are the new tires the same diameter as the old? Assuming they are (or close), the aspect ratio will obviously be different (numerically lower). In the world of street tires, a “skinnier” tire will result in better traction due to less sidewall flex. And more traction equals more friction which...
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    Historical Question

    When did NASCAR team's transition from factory sheet metal and suspensions? We're factory suspensions and sheet metal abandoned simultaneously? Did all the team's transition at the same time?
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    Engine Question

    Does anyone have a “cut-a-way” pic of a cup engine? I’m interested in push rod length. I’m told they are relatively short. If so, I’d like to see how it’s done.
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    Tire Question

    Who makes the call as to what tire brings to each race? Is the same tire always brought to the same track? In the case of today’s Kentucky race, would the tire choice change because it’s a day race? What are the odds Hoosier would make another run at NASCAR?
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    Engine Wear Questions

    There’s usually commentary w/regard to engine wear at the Coca Cola 600. So, this weekend the cars will be running more than 600 miles. Yesterday I didn’t hear any comments on this. Will we today? Are the engines built with different tolerances when they’re expected to run this long?
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    Two Talladega ?s -

    1. What gear ratios are used? 2. What’s the distance around the track on the outside lane as compared to the inside.
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    Phoenix Raceway Questions

    Getting ready to buy a couple tix for November, but not familiar with the track. Couple of questions: Seats or benches? Some or all sections? I know everyone’s ideas of “best seats” is different, but as my wife has difficulty walking we’ll pay extra for better parking. Any sections better for...
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    Bullet Mustang

    OK, I realize this isn't NASCAR-related, and I don't know whether this post will be dropped, but I have to believe some of you will be watching the MECUM auction the Friday (1/10) when the real Bullet Mustang crosses the block in Kissimmee. There's no reserve. I'd like to see you best guess as...
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    What was it?

    Prior to,the drivers firing engines there was a shot of Brad Keselowski's car. Atop the hood, right in front of the driver was a vertical panel of clear plastic. Looked like it was about 6" high and maybe 12 inches or so wide. Anyone know what it was/is?
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    Dale Jr and His Cars

    There's an article entitled "My Tech Essentials" in this weekend's Wall Street Journal. It's about Dale Jr's favorite toys, to include a couple of his cars. He says his favorite is a 1976 Chevy Laguna. Says he also likes his 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. Considerably older than Jr, my tastes...
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