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    Did they ever give a reason for moving the 500 again

    First, I prefer the 500 on Presidents’ Day weekend. I still get the day off without using up any vacation. So I was sort of annoyed when they moved it. But out of all the years to make the change back, why this year, with the olympics starting on the 8th? If they would have waited a week later...
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    What happened to the incar audio?

    Up until nbc took over, both xm and the Fox Sports go app were providing incar audio for at least five different teams. Now you need either a Sirius series receiver, a siriusxm series receiver, or use their severely multi minute delayed app if you only have a xm series receiver, and they’re only...
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    What you do is design a failure to drop the rear end a half inch on normally inflated tires. Do your burnout and blow both tires. Replace blown tires with over inflated tires to regain lost height. Whether the fraction of a inch is enough to give a car enough speed to lap the field twice, if...
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    NASCARs rain procedure

    about 5 minutes after the race was called last night, it never rained another drop for the rest of the night. I realize the stands were mostly empty, and I'm sure no one was watching the telecast, and it is way cheaper letting the morning sun dry the track than several hundred barrels of jet...
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