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    Did Elliot Manipulate the Ending of the Race?

    The NASCAR Rule book, Sections 12.8.g and 12.8.1 of the NASCAR rule book, which addresses manipulating the outcome of a race, appears to have been violated by Chase Elliot. Will NASCAR do anything about it? Personally, back in the day of "real" NASCAR when they called this section against...
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    Gordon's Statement during the 600 is too telling

    Wow, just wow....but at least someone finally said it live, on a broadcast. "For the last four or five years the Toyota's and Ford's were cleaning the Chevy's clocks, it is about time they did something about it". What they did, I do not know for sure. But from a visual standpoint between last...
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    Richmond Gander Truck Race

    Did anyone else watch? Interesting race. Have to wonder how a half our of practice might have changed the entire out come though. Multiple normally competitive teams were out to lunch with the splitters hitting the track.
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    Drivers and the media

    Ok... my kids call me an old school type of guy, but from my perspective some things should never change. One of them is that NASCAR drivers should have to earn their respect and following by performance on the track. So...that being said, yesterday at the start of the race the announcers...
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    Slinger Super Speedway is opening on Sunday May 17th

    It has been announced that Slinger Super Speedway will have a full program on Sunday May 17th
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