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    NEW 2022 gas prices

    $5.30 this morning at the grocery store. Got 40 cents off from that so brings it down to $4.90. Helps a bit.
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    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    As a lifelong fan of F1, I could see this sort of thing ruining my dedication to the sport. NASCAR managed to do that to me with their ever changing gimmicks and whatnot over the years.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

    Dam. Wanted Blaney to win.
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    NEW 2022 gas prices

    Here in Oregon they keep telling us we're the highest price in the country. Then they give all the reasons why that is which are the same ones they always have.
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    Vacation stories/pictures thread

    Wow! Makes me a little more relaxed just looking at those pictures. Enjoy!
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    Rallying & WRC Thread

    I get in a sort of trance watching these drivers. It used to be I could find rallies on television but that was a long time ago. Don't know how it is for the rest of the world.
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    2022 Singapore Grand Prix

    I look forward to the return. Such a cool looking place and it seems so long since the last race.
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    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Nope. I don't agree with those changes. I don't mind DRS but let the drivers try to race without it for a bit as it is now. The safety car on the track vs. VSC will just add more non-racing laps. Think NASCAR.
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    College Football 2022

    I have the Pac12 channel. Comes with my sports package and I'm not even a college football fan but I get all the other sports with that package; mainly hockey.
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    Newest member of the family

    Great story.
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    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Sure would like to read a copy of the Monaco contract. Glad it's still on the calendar.
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    Random NHRA

    Only a 2 hour show covering the Maple Grove Raceway NHRA meet yesterday and then it suddenly cut short during the finals. Don't know what that's all about but I guess the NHRA and Camping World don't care about their sport or the fans.
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    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Bristol

    9. Happy for the winner and was entertained by all the crazy happenings.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    I like these drivers speaking their mind.
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    Johali's Rate the Xfinity race --- Bristol

    9. Good racing and only a few spins and wrecks. Nothing major to ruin a good race. Well, sad to see Creed get wrecked.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    The above was a fun read. Kind of explains the whole thing in a roundabout way.
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    All of this is good news to me!
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    2023 IndyCar News / Misc.

    If this really happens it would make me happy. They've had such small fields for years and I almost dread having to sit through their race.
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    Take a picture of your current view

    Coll pics of the V8 SuperCars. Looks a bit wet.
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    2022 Firestone Grand Prix of Monterrey

    I wondered about the repaving also. The track looks good and it's not going to endure hard winters. Maybe there's more to it then we know but I don't recall any complaints from the drivers. Guess it's best to do it before problems arise.
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