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  1. gnomesayin

    Car numbers on rear quarter panels

    I'm agnostic on the subject and not attached to the status quo. But oh boy, I know this won't be the most popular news leak of the day.
  2. gnomesayin

    MLB punishes the Astros for 2017 sign stealing as the NFL should have punished the Patriots

    instead of covering it up and destroying the evidence. In short, MLB suspended both the Astros' GM Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch for the upcoming season, and the Astros in turn fired both. They...
  3. gnomesayin

    2020 Monster Energy Supercross

    It's that time again. A1 tomorrow night! Full schedule including TV coverage: Any predictions? Will Cooper Webb pick up where he left off as a dominant indoor force? Does Tomac finally capitalize on his speed advantage and win an SX title? Who else will...
  4. gnomesayin

    Dirt late models 2020

    The WoO late models season started tonight at Vado Speedway Park in NM. Brandon Sheppard has been dominant in this series of late, but will probably have more competition this year with a two-car Bloomquist team contesting the series with Chris Madden and Bloomquist as drivers. Madden wins the...
  5. gnomesayin

    World of Outlaws 2020

    The schedule has been released. There are some cool additions (Kokomo, I-70) and omissions (Placerville, Haubstadt put on great shows, but I won't miss Las Vegas or the Nashville experiment TBH).
  6. gnomesayin

    Steve Phelps' State of the Sport news conference

    The major points covered and quotes:
  7. gnomesayin

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    The Cars were great in their prime, and "Moving in Stereo" is one of my favorite songs period.
  8. gnomesayin

    2021 F1 regulations

    I think this is deserving of its own topic, as it is likely to be a major story for the next year and a half. The proposed outlines for the 2021 regulations have been released...
  9. gnomesayin

    2019 British Grand Prix

    Nothing fancy here, but there should be a thread in place for morning. Bottas on the pole, we'll see how long that lasts. FWIW Leclerc and Verstappen don't appear that far off Mercedes' pace. Starting grid Driver Grid Qual time V. Bottas Mercedes·#77 1 1:25.093 L. Hamilton Mercedes·#44 2...
  10. gnomesayin

    IndyCar: 2019 Honda Indy Toronto

    Pagenaud won the pole. Qualifying results: Qualifying highlights:
  11. gnomesayin

    The next great racing movie? (Ford v. Ferrari)

    Badass trailer, looks like a fun movie with a strong cast.
  12. gnomesayin

    2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross

    Outdoor season is here starting at Hangtown tomorrow. Anyone have predictions about who will exceed (or fall short of) expectations this year? Tomac will be seeking a third straight MX title, but I do think competition will be somewhat stiffer this year. Here is the TV schedule. First motos...
  13. gnomesayin

    2019 NBA Playoffs

    I know there aren't a ton of NBA fans around here, but there were a couple of fine Game 7s today. You would think the Blazers win the league championship from how Portland is reacting. It's kinda cute. They haven't made it this far, to the conference finals, since 2000. In the East, the...
  14. gnomesayin

    RIP Richard Hoffman

    Hoffman was definitely one of the most prominent USAC team owners through the decades, fielding cars for many who rose through those ranks.
  15. gnomesayin

    Why a 'simple' switch from a Chevy to Ford engine is so difficult

    Part of this interview with dirt late model driver Brandon Overton is about his own team and situation, which is of narrow interest. However, it gets into the subject of him having switched from Chevy to Ford engines this season, and I found his responses interesting about how all-encompassing...
  16. gnomesayin

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    Helping out with the suggestion to create a sponsor news thread. Glad to see this topic move away from the Deathbed thread, which opening always felt like walking through a puddle beneath a leaking sewer pipe. You'd try to skip over it, but sometimes it's too wide. Here's an article centering...
  17. gnomesayin

    IndyCars at Daytona in 1959

    Some great photos and history in this little feature. It's crazy that this happened at all.
  18. gnomesayin

    Missouri's legendary I-70 Speedway was set to re-open in 2019, but the county is trying to nix it

    I grew up in Kansas City. I-70 wasn't my home track. That would have been Lakeside. But I went there many times, both when it was a dirt track and pavement track in the '90s that hosted the Trucks a few tunes and other series like ASA. it is an historic venue known for it's super high banking...
  19. gnomesayin

    Any guesses?

    (I hope I didn't start this thread only to find out that it's a simple sponsor announcement or similar.)
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