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  1. samcurry

    Mikey Waltrip

    Okay, So ive been thinking about this. Did Michael know about the substance or not? Who put it in there? And Why? Did mike have plausably deniability? Did his crewchief really think they could get away with it? And what did they really have to gain by doing it? According to mike he told the...
  2. samcurry

    Happy Birthday TRL

    :birthday: :birthday: :cheers: Have a great day!
  3. samcurry

    Happy Birthday Maj

    :birthday: :cheers: :jamming: Have a great day!!
  4. samcurry

    Since i work for 3M

    these are few of the drivers i have to root for now... vroom vroom Mark Martin Todd Kluever
  5. samcurry

    Happy Holidays

    Heres wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year... Have fun and be safe.
  6. samcurry

    Dirt Track Links

    Indiana's Dirt tracks Bakersfield Raceway Park Ben Hur Speedway Bloomington Speedway Brownstown Speedway Camden Raceway County Line Raceway Crown Point Speedway Gas City I69 Speedway Kamp Motor Speedway Kokomo Speedway Lawrenceburg Speedway Lincoln Park Speedway...
  7. samcurry

    Unofficial Results Talladega

    Fin St Car Driver Make Sponsor Pts/Bonus Laps Status 1 2 #24 Jeff Gordon Chevrolet DuPont 190/10 194 Running 2 11 #20 Tony Stewart Chevrolet The Home Depot 175/5 194 Running 3 38 #15 Michael Waltrip Chevrolet NAPA Auto Parts 170/5 194 Running 4 22 #19 Jeremy Mayfield Dodge Dodge Dealers/UAW...
  8. samcurry

    Unofficial Race Results Samsung/RadioShack 500 | Texas Motor Speedway

    1 #16Greg Biffle FordPost-it/National Guard190/10334Running 2 #42Jamie McMurray DodgeTexaco/Havoline170/0334Running 3 #48Jimmie Johnson ChevroletLowe's165/0334Running 4 #41Casey Mears DodgeFujifilm165/5334Running 5 #40Sterling Marlin DodgeCoors Light160/5334Running 6 #15Michael...
  9. samcurry

    Happy Birthday Maj

    Hope you had a great day.:birthday: :cheers: :partytime
  10. samcurry

    sorry for the down time

    We ran out of bandwidth. hmmm we getting busy round here or what?
  11. samcurry

    2004 black friday sales

    I do this annually on another site so i figure id post a link to it here.It is all the after thanksgiving sales i can find. Enjoy.
  12. samcurry

    Get 40 out of the way.....

    oh i hate it when they are lapped and they stay in the way. he should let gordon thru so he and jr. can race. sits to watch the last few laps.:lurk:
  13. samcurry

    Happy Birthday NascarWoman

    Have a super day!!!! :birthday: :birthday: :jamming: :birthday:
  14. samcurry


    This is the kiddie that has been spamming our forum. He has some type of mental problem. Apparently he has never seen the outside world other than when this picture was taken.
  15. samcurry

    Looking to add a couple of NEW MODS

    We are looking to a a couple more Moderators to the site. What we would like to do is have you (the members) involved in the process as much as possible. So what we are going to do is this. The nominations will run thru next friday Feb. 6. now for the easy part, we need for you to send PM's to...
  16. samcurry

    To All

    I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas and happy New Year. You guys make the site and it is well appreciated. Sam
  17. samcurry

    Toby, Willie, and Scott emerich

    All i can say is :eek: WOW What a show. We had a blast, Kinda felt for willie, tempos were changed multiple times and bandmates did a great job with it. Scott, well he's new but so far so good. during these guys show i took multiple pictures and was even let up front row by security. Then the...
  18. samcurry

    server outage

    Sorry the site was down for a while this moring. The host had a server issue. I will post more about it when they let me in on the information. Again very sorry.
  19. samcurry

    What type of music do you listen to?

    I grew up listening to all kinds of music, my Parents wanted me to enjoy all types. If you saw my cd collection youd understand, I have almost every type you can name. They wanted me to play the piano and guitar, but i started on the drums. I play everything by ear, i took lessons usually to...
  20. samcurry

    Saturday Night

    I get to go see Toby and Willie. nov 1. the 3rd is my anniversary of 13 years. im gonna take my 5 megpixel camera in and get some great pics. we are in the 17th row on the end so i should have some great ones very up close.
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