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  1. samcurry


    I got to be with my boys. I couldnt ask for anything more.(well i could but that part aint gonna happen!)
  2. samcurry

    Colored dots under # of Posts

    You can turn on and off reputation. Members give it to eachother by clicking on the scale above the joinn date.
  3. samcurry

    The future of the forum

    I want to personally thank everyone who has donated for this cause. I know im not around much, but i do stop in and post when i can. The paypal button does not allow me to see the username of the board member only an email address, so if I have missed thanking anyone its only because i dont...
  4. samcurry

    Thanks Sam

    No problem buckaroo
  5. samcurry

    What makes a car a NASCAR?

    Thanks jeefunk. by the way i am a he. :)
  6. samcurry

    Daytona 500 Raceday Thread

    What a race, I was torn at the end harvick or martin. For martin just because he has tried so many times to win this one. But hey 2nd isnt bad either. Best placing he has had.
  7. samcurry

    Mikey Waltrip

    Hey buckaroo, Yea im sitting here with my laptop watching kelly clarckson before the start. Kinda weird seing her on raceday. but what ever. I'm sure there are lots of things happening behind the scenes, But why would they do it after their boss tells them they want to stay under the...
  8. samcurry

    What makes a car a NASCAR?

    here is a little info on the engines. Bill Davis racing runs two NASCAR teams, the Caterpillar sponsored No. 22 car and the Amoco sponsored No. 93 car. In 2001 both of these teams were racing Dodge Intrepid cars. Dodge provides the engine block and cylinder head for the engine. They are...
  9. samcurry

    Daytona 500 Raceday Thread

    I would love to see a toyota car win today. The only car to actually be made in the US. I so wanted to watch it in HD today but alas my antenna wont pick up fox....
  10. samcurry

    Mikey Waltrip

    Okay, So ive been thinking about this. Did Michael know about the substance or not? Who put it in there? And Why? Did mike have plausably deniability? Did his crewchief really think they could get away with it? And what did they really have to gain by doing it? According to mike he told the...
  11. samcurry

    Colts pulled it out!

    woohooo bout darn time. its just great that they made it this far.
  12. samcurry

    Any news on the front page

    Yea, we are going to be doing an upgrade to the site and then get the new software. The old was easily hacked so they fixed er up but only for the newest ver of the forum software.
  13. samcurry


    Thanks all, sorry i was late reading this.
  14. samcurry

    The Beer Thread

    Ahhhh sam adams is my hero.
  15. samcurry


    no thats a period in there. :)
  16. samcurry


    if nothing else works there is a place i send company HDD to in colorado, they are awsome, but not cheap. Anywhere from 800.00 and up. but if the Docs are very important then its worth it.
  17. samcurry

    Danica to NASCAR?

    i'd like to see her and the Force girls driving. Now that would draw alot more in.
  18. samcurry

    how to....

    yea ie 7 is pretty good about that, but 6 isnt.
  19. samcurry

    how to....

    is there anything that says yahoo in your ad/remove programs?
  20. samcurry

    how to....

    yep goto your add remove programs and remove the yahoo toolbar. that should do it. :)
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