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  1. Ford 222

    Not a hate crime....

    According to FBI. Garage door pull rope fashioned in a noose has been there since last race and verified by pictures.
  2. Ford 222


    How does one get into this? What is needed to purchase to have a good setup and how does it work? What’s it going to cost to start from scratch including the computer? Thanks!
  3. Ford 222

    JH Nemecheck car

    Probably misspelled his name and watching qualifying now after the WVU game but that car is beautiful. Is it just me? Dang
  4. Ford 222


    So when NASCAR was on its huge upswing and tracks were being built/upgraded everywhere, there were condos being built at some and people were talking about what great investments they were going to be. I wonder if that’s been the case? Anyone in those markets and knowledgeable about real estate...
  5. Ford 222


    I’m no expert, or even remotely schooled in aerodynamics but it’s amazing to me that the Mustang can race and even lead with that flat wall on their nose. The Yoda and Camaro have some slope that seems to me would allow them to cut through the air more efficiently? What am I missing here?
  6. Ford 222

    Robert Yates-Dale Earnhardt

    I was traveling last night and listening to an episode of Dave Moody interviewing the late Robert Yates. Mr Yates stayed that in 95 I think it was when Ford was begging him to take the Quality Care sponsorship and create a new team he was talking to DE and Earnhardt was on board at one point to...
  7. Ford 222

    Ryan Blaney

    Didnt see a RB thread so I’m sure this will be moved if there is. Anyone catch his post race interview with the Ryan Newman interruption? Ryan was getting ready to throw down if he needed to. Love this kid...not there to be a Earnhardt wannabe like Harvick but he’ll deal with you if you want...
  8. Ford 222


    I assume this is the correct forum for this question? Does Scott Bloomquist have factory support from GM, Ford, Dodge, etc? And for those that follow the series, what your opinion of him? Seems a little out there sometimes. Didn’t he get in legal trouble for substance abuse?
  9. Ford 222

    Larson to the rescue!

    Kyle looks like he can’t comprehend what Kyle Larson did? Lol.
  10. Ford 222

    Ford Resurgence

    So why? Why are the competitive with the Toyotas now? I understand the Camaro having some issues this year, maybe not to this extent but they will get it righted. But the Fusion and Camry are the same cars this year as last. What has changed now?
  11. Ford 222


    Are you more motivated as a fan of a manufacturer or driver? Does it even make a difference? I went to my first race in 90 and I picked Mark since he was in a Ford and he seemed so humble. Maybe it’s me, but it seemed back then your more successful drivers were “Ford” or “GM” drivers and...
  12. Ford 222

    NASCAR to electric by 2021?

    I’ve seen a couple times on my FB feed where NASCAR is to go all electric by 2021. I have not found anything official from NASCAR or any mainstream media so I hope it’s BS. Question is, would you still watch if/when it happens? I really doubt I will. I’ve watched a formula E race once and...
  13. Ford 222

    Maybe we should just keep this Fusion.....

    ???? Eh Ford?
  14. Ford 222

    Blaney-Harvick Conversation

    I don’t think Ryan was as satisfied at the end as Kev. Kev looked to be doing the explaining and Ryan was acting like he was listening but he wasn’t hearing it. The way it ended looked to me like Kev thought he had just schooled the young’un and gave him a chuck to the gut but Blaney’s didn’t...
  15. Ford 222

    F1 Qualifying

    I'm from the NASCAR side but have been paying attention to and watching F1 races past couple years. Can someone explain F1 qualifying to me? I know it's where NASCAR qualifying came from but F1 seems to not be concerned about laps on tires? Do they not slow down as tires wear? Can they...
  16. Ford 222

    Practice Penalties?

    Is part of the punishment that the driver had to sit in the hot car in the sun at the end of pit road for the 15 or 30 minute penalty imposed?? Why do they go out there and sit? If I was the driver I'd be chillin in the garage with the team? I don't get it?
  17. Ford 222

    I wonder what is said.....

    Between Kyle and Denny getting their butts handed to them by a satellite team? Doubt Matt gets to be a part of it since he is out of the clique essentially. Even the satellite rook is out performing Gibbs rookie.
  18. Ford 222

    What is Gibbs feeding these drivers?

    I heard some post race comments on XM from Denny after his triumph over a 19 YO rookie. Was asked about his participation in the Xfinity race and said something to the effect of "if I wasn't there to race there wouldn't have been as exciting a finish" or something along those lines. Joe...
  19. Ford 222

    Blaney on Kez Kez paying it forward....
  20. Ford 222

    Old School Class No wonder he and Jr are buddies. A burnout IMO is acceptable when it's your first one or a big win but they get old fast. A car grabbing the team and taking them to VL...
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