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  1. fury

    XenForo 2.1 update

    Sorry for the overnight outage. I kinda passed out just before hitting the button to finish the upgrade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let me know if anything looks super broken :beerbang:
  2. fury

    Change to forum admin organization

    TexasRaceLady is going into retirement from moderating/administrating duties. I want to give a big hearty thank you for so many years of helping shape this forum. Enjoy yourself! :beerbang: and I hope we'll continue to earn the honor of you sticking around
  3. fury

    ice ice icicles

    bi bi bicycles
  4. fury

    Testing embeds

  5. fury

    If I could turn back time

    So Wednesday morning, April 6th, 2016 at just before 9 am, I saw some chatter among my company's chat that said "hey, the server seems broken". Since there's usually something wonky and we're kind of a casual "****'s on fire yo" sort of operation, that didn't alarm me until about an hour or two...
  6. fury

    Moving to new server

    Within the next day or two, I will be moving the site to a new server. Well, new to you...I've had the server up and running for over a year and a half and kept meaning to move all of my sites to it, and kept dragging my feet. This should (in theory) be as painless to you as possible, aside...
  7. fury

    Known issue with Forum Runner

    I'm spotting a few errors in the log related to Forum Runner attempting to access certain parts of the forum. This plugin has not yet been updated to support version XenForo 1.2, and as of last week, the Forum Runner people don't have an ETA for it to be updated. If there's anyone here using...
  8. fury

    My new place

    I dare say it's a might big. 1,150 square feet, 2 bedroom (moving from a 500ish square foot, 1 bedroom) apartment. Just wanted to post a few pics of it before I start filling it up with all my crap. (Naturally, I'll post a few "after" pics too) Living room Hallway Kitchen Bedroom 1...
  9. fury

    New features in 1.2

    If you haven't already noticed, here are a few of the nice new features we get from the upgrade earlier this month Conversation Management Improvements Watching a Forum A new editor I've updated the Posting part of the Guided Tour to reflect the new editor buttons
  10. fury

    How you can help

    I've had so many people ask about it that I've put information on how to donate here: Everyone's contribution, whether big or small, financial or otherwise, is greatly appreciated and is the reason we are still standing. We choose to provide a better forum...
  11. fury

    Tapatalk re-upgrade

    Latest version of Tapatalk has been reinstalled. If double posts and errors start to reoccur, let me know immediately
  12. fury

    The Podium

    Hot topics such as politics and religion and iPhone vs. Android always get so divisive and cause moderators to go crazy trying to tone it down and curb the personal attacks and uncalled-for insults. Finding the time and sanity to try to keep the Podium clean is more of a burden than the rest of...
  13. fury

    Feedback about the Podium

    As many of you know, the Podium has been ablaze lately and it's the cause of some concern. We don't like to see all of the bickering and name calling and petty jabs. We do not intend to close the forum entirely. But we need for it to carry its own weight, instead of involving the mods and admins...
  14. fury

    User titles and trophies

    There are new user titles, because I think everybody was just about tired of hearing about everybody's well-known members. The default, with no posts and no likes, is Spectator You reach Commentator if you have at least 5 trophy points You become a Fan at 25 points Fanatic at 45 points...
  15. fury

    Apologies for the interruption

    A UPS went out at the datacenter yesterday, causing the server to lose power. It appeared to come back up just fine after a 20 minute disk check. Then at 1:30am or so this morning, it went completely unresponsive (to everything but pings, oddly enough). It was finally rebooted at about 10am...
  16. fury

    Anybody good at fixing Fords?

    I have lost a pulley (big picture, 2 MB ) and need to replace what I believe is the harmonic balancer (bottom center - also a big picture). It is a 1994 Thunderbird LX 4.6L V8 So far, I have put the following on my shopping list (my local Autozone has them in stock): 1. Duralast Idler...
  17. fury

    testing dragging inline image

  18. fury

    Slow page loads

    I'm investigating this as we speak If you wouldn't mind, let me know what version of browser (Help -> About) you're using and whether or not your pages load slowly I am using Firefox 9.0.1 and I get slow page loads on threads. I think it has something to do with the javascript, so I'm trying...
  19. fury

    Email system

    I'm having problems receiving email sent by Racing Forums to my Gmail account. Is anyone else with a Gmail account having a problem? Anyone else with a non-Gmail account having a problem?
  20. fury

    Racing Forums is now mobile!

    I have enabled a couple of mobile forum apps for Racing Forums: Tapatalk and Forum Runner. Forum Runner has a free app on Android and iPhone that supports reading, or a $2 app that supports posting Tapatalk has an app on just about everything, but it's $3 and up. I'll post screenshots and...
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