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  1. Stu Jameson

    Another classic Kyle Busch interview

  2. Stu Jameson

    Another classic Kyle Busch interview

    shades of Dale Sr. He was another one most folks hated.Not me.
  3. Stu Jameson

    Traction Compound

  4. Stu Jameson

    Nascar Trivia

    Yep. And so the torch is passed. :salute:
  5. Stu Jameson

    Nascar Trivia

    Neil Bonnett got his start hanging out at local shops in the greater Birmingham Al area.What was his occupation before he was able to support himself racing ?
  6. Stu Jameson

    Nascar Trivia

    Ned J and Junior Johnson ?
  7. Stu Jameson

    The RFL 2020 thread (Racing Fantasy League)

    LOL ! With the way my picks seem to die out at the end I feel fortunate to just be close to first place.
  8. Stu Jameson

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    B) These are the kind of things that will bring NASCAR fans back. Well done Chip.
  9. Stu Jameson

    NASCAR 2020 - Bold Prediction Thread

    At least one Cup driver will suffer a career-ending injury.
  10. Stu Jameson

    2020 Daytona Speedweeks schedule

    Classic country hits of the 60's infomercial.
  11. Stu Jameson

    Johali has passed

    Sorry to hear this . RIP
  12. Stu Jameson

    Indy crowd looks like a rain delay

    Not unlike whining about a thread that clearly discloses its content in the title.
  13. Stu Jameson

    Race pics and experiences

    Also,unless it changed in the last year,all of the places I have wanted to park were free.
  14. Stu Jameson

    Race pics and experiences

    Sorry for the size. If there were 100k seats and 100k members here you would get 100k different replies. After attending races at Talladega since 1969 and sitting in virtually every section at least once I now always look for tickets in the areas marked on the turn 4 stands. The first time I sat...
  15. Stu Jameson

    The Attendance Thread

    Half-empty is the new full. Removing seats changes the narrative. I lived in MS in the '60s and '70s and could get to Atlanta, Talladega, Bristol and Charlotte most race weekends and the lodging costs have been an issue since the early to mid-'70s. The first place I noticed it was Talladega in...
  16. Stu Jameson

    Attention NASCAR : Listen to your fans !

    You really need to get some new announcers, Jeff Burton I admire as a great driver, but he does not have a good voice, not good enough to be the voice of NASCAR on telecasts. His voice gets very squeaky especially when he gets excited. Sorry to say so does Dale Jr. They have the same effect on...
  17. Stu Jameson

    The Attendance Thread

    Looks like Sonoma should follow suit.
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