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  1. WhiningSmoke

    Who is your least favorite driver?

    I’m sure there will be plenty of answers that say Ty Gibbs, Kyle Busch…. Maybe some Austin Dillon in there! But for me? I have to pick that vanilla midget punk that formerly drove the number 8 car and is moving onto Kurt Busch’s ride….. yes of course I’m referring to Tyler Reddick. Some of you...
  2. WhiningSmoke

    Tyler Reddick does not deserve to replace Kurt Busch

    Okay guys I’ve just got to get this off of my chest because it’s really making me angry. First of all, I’m really really upset that Kurt Busch is being forced to retire due to NASCAR’s incompetence in regards to the safety of their Gen 7 aka Gen Failure car. Dude was a living legend. My first...
  3. WhiningSmoke

    Predictions for the 2023 Season

    Here is a thread to share your predictions for 2023. -Tyler Reddick gets exposed and gets outperformed by Bubba Wallace. Dude is a stupid B+ driver and Toyota is not inherently better than RCR at least it wasn’t in 2022. -Kyle Busch wins 4 races and makes the Final 4. Dude has an absolute...
  4. WhiningSmoke

    Ty Gibbs Is a Bad Person

    Ty Gibbs is a terrible teammate who wrecked the guy who brings the money to the table aka Brandon Jones and he absolutely should be wrecked by Brandon Jones at Phoenix…. The fans will love Brandon Jones forever and I PERSONALLY will buy a Brandon Jones hat if that happens. Also Tyler Reddick...
  5. WhiningSmoke

    Ross Chastain is Going to Win the Title…. Unlike Tyler Reddick

    Tyler Reddick aka a B+ driver at best who wants to run away from the grind to TRD to finish 14th in points at best thinking that the grass is greener on the other side WRONGLY. Ross Chastain is the true up and comer and he will win the 2022 title…. Mark my words! Tyler reddick is trash and Ross...
  6. WhiningSmoke

    Does Joe Gibbs Even Care Anymore?

    Joe Gibbs is letting the most talented driver he’s ever had in KFB walk over to RCR to replace that B+ driver Tyler Reddick who can only win on road courses and races where everyone else crashes. He’s replacing KFB with his little punk grandbaby Ty Gibbs who I guarantee you will not be a title...
  7. WhiningSmoke

    The Gen 7 Car is Garbage

    The Gen 7 car is an absolute piece of trash. The stupid idiots at the executive table decided to create a spec car that doesn’t even race good at places like Bristol or Martinsville. This stupid car promotes “parity” aka RANDOMNESS that FOOLS people into believing B+ drivers like Tyler Reddick...
  8. WhiningSmoke

    Someone is going to die in these cars!!!

    Hello there I am posting at the peak of Hurricane Ian I am surrounded by two women right now life is good 😈 Anyway.... Bowman the Showman who is in his 20s just succumbed to the Gen 7 car after our living legend... The Last Man to Race Against Dale Earnhardt, Kurt Busch did..... these Gen 7...
  9. WhiningSmoke

    Kyle Busch is disrespected

    Hey guys.... long time without posting. I used to post sometimes on here when I was in middle/high school.... but I think the Reddit mods might take this post down because it’s slightly too heated but THESE forums value free speech and I will NEVER forget the feeling of being able to post my...
  10. WhiningSmoke

    People's Opinions Changing Concerning Jimmie Johnson

    In 2013, Jimmie Johnson won his 6th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship, much to the dismay of a huge amount of fans. They were sick of Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus, and the Lowe's Chevrolet dominating the Sprint Cup Series. In early 2014, NASCAR announced that they were revamping the Chase to...
  11. WhiningSmoke

    The Racing in 2014 vs. Now

    I know it's early with the new rules package, but the new rules package cannot be described as anything except lame. The aero push is worse than ever. The last two years Las Vegas has seen pretty good races, while this year the race was very boring. Atlanta sucked too. Something I've noticed...
  12. WhiningSmoke

    Matt Kenseth

    I don't know if anyone's noticed, but Matt Kenseth is probably the smoothest driver in Nascar. I don't remember ever seeing a driver as patient and smooth as Matt. His driving style has won me over as a fan of his. You didn't see this when he was at Roush, so I'm thinking the Gibbs cars just...
  13. WhiningSmoke

    Silly Season 2015

    I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but the 2015 silly season has the potential to be as crazy as 2013's. Here's a list of free agents after the season. #1 Jamie McMurray #5 Kasey Kahne #10 Danica Patrick #11 Denny Hamlin #13 Casey Mears #17 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. #22 Joey Logano #48 Jimmie...
  14. WhiningSmoke


    The biggest issue with Nascar today. Talent comes second in terms of things owners look at when hiring a young driver. Most up and comers are ride buyers, or have family connections. Pretty much the only exception to this that I can think of is Bubba Wallace. Too many times we've seen...
  15. WhiningSmoke

    John Wes Townley to Run Trucks With Athenian Motorsports for Rest of 2014

    Per Jayski: Townley to drive for Athenian Motorsports remainder of year: Athenian Motorsports expands their operation to include a NASCAR Camping World Truck Series team to its lineup for the 2014 season. John Wes Townley will run the #05 Zaxby's Toyota Tundra for the remainder of the 2014...
  16. WhiningSmoke

    Only 42 on Kentucky Entry List
  17. WhiningSmoke

    Brett Moffitt

    He has 1 Nationwide start and 2 Truck starts, and he just finished 22nd at Dover driving the 66 car. Does anyone know whether this weekend was an MWR effort? Also, either way, he at the very least deserves a full-time Nationwide ride after this effort.
  18. WhiningSmoke

    Will Dodge Ever Return to Nascar?

    In 2012, Brad Keselowski won the Sprint Cup Championship in a Dodge. A manufacturer, who would be leaving Nascar at the conclusion of that season. Now it is 2014, and we've always been told that Dodge wants to return to Nascar. I wonder, will we ever see them again?
  19. WhiningSmoke

    If Joey Logano Were to Return to JGR

    Since joining Penske, Joey Logano has gone from a midpack driver to one of the top three drivers this season, and perhaps one of the odds-on favorites to win the championship. At Joe Gibbs Racing, Joey was a midpack driver, as stated before. Let's say that in 2015 he went back to the 20 car...
  20. WhiningSmoke

    Martin Truex and Furniture Row

    Anyone else think this team won't have any success at all? I think they're going to run closer to what Regan Smith did for them than what Kurt Busch did. Let's face it, Truex isn't Busch. If anything, Truex is closer to Smith in talent level, and Smith wasn't able to do much with this team...
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