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  1. Marcingak

    F1 2023 News/Misc.

    Aside from having to share the prize money I think most of the teams are afraid of extra competition.
  2. Marcingak

    What was your favorite moment in 2022?

    All of the first time winners. It was a great season. Will be hard to top.
  3. Marcingak

    Who is your least favorite driver?

    I like everyone except for Logano, Harvick and Ty Gibbs.
  4. Marcingak

    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Damn, I'm gonna miss his interviews. He's a cool guy. It's not his fault the strategy team made mistakes. I'm surprised he didn't get offered a different role within the team.
  5. Marcingak

    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    Mamma Mia!
  6. Marcingak

    Hendrick Motorsports 2022

    Very cool video but it made me a bit dizzy.
  7. Marcingak

    2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Boring race was boring.
  8. Marcingak

    F1 2022 News/Misc.

    I read an article that said he wants to take a year away from racing to recharge and see if he misses it. If he decides not to come back it's because he's going to be doing a lot of other cool stuff.
  9. Marcingak

    LOL Ryan Blaney

  10. Marcingak

    2022 São Paulo Grand Prix

    Gonna start calling him Verstampon
  11. Marcingak

    2022 São Paulo Grand Prix

    I agree but it shows you that he is very childish and not a team player.
  12. Marcingak

    2022 São Paulo Grand Prix

    Little crybaby Verstappen only follows team orders when it benefits him.
  13. Marcingak

    Johali's Rate the Championship race --- Phoenix

    3 Are you rating the race or the whole season?
  14. Marcingak

    Cup Championship RACE thread --- Phoenix

    What a boring race. Those Penske cars have to be cheating to be so fast all race.
  15. Marcingak

    2022 Mexico City Grand Prix

    At the very least they should have split the strategy between both drivers to give them the best chance of winning. They should have learned from the previous race that the hard tire sucks.
  16. Marcingak

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    We should call it the Insane Chastain
  17. Marcingak

    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Honestly, I don't enjoy TV shows and movies for that exact reason. Every time I'm watching something I can't get myself immersed and instead I think of how many takes it took them to film it and what techniques they used.
  18. Marcingak

    2022 Mexico City Grand Prix

    Well this season started so promising but it turned out to be one of the most boring seasons in history
  19. Marcingak

    2022 Mexico City Grand Prix

    Looks like Mercedes tire strategy team hired some Ferrari strategists.
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