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  1. JimmieGordon2448


    Larson to 10 is major rumor
  2. JimmieGordon2448

    High Potential For More First Time Winners in 2017

    It's been crazy and good for Nascar. Weird to think RCR has two wins and JGR has zero
  3. JimmieGordon2448

    "Worst" Driver to win a Cup Championship in the past 30 years (1987-)

    Alan Kulwicki he come out of nowhere to steal it from Davey and Elliott and that really should of been Davey's title.
  4. JimmieGordon2448

    Richard Childress Racing makes crew chief change for Austin Dillon

    Austin just may be a tick overrated......ok more than a tick
  5. JimmieGordon2448

    Hamlin tweets on how to fix the cars/attendance

    Yeah definitely don't want shorter races
  6. JimmieGordon2448

    nascar racing?

    Richmond isn't looking good either
  7. JimmieGordon2448

    Rate the race: Texas I

    Me too looked like they were driving on ice in qualifying/practice
  8. JimmieGordon2448


    He's my third driver
  9. JimmieGordon2448

    Rate the race: Texas I

    9 was great racing throughout, would of had a great battle between Johnson and Larson if Logano didn't hold up Larson so long
  10. JimmieGordon2448 Las Vegas Motor Speedway downsizing?

    I wouldn't mind Vegas switching dates with Homestead and becoming the championship race
  11. JimmieGordon2448

    April possible date for future spring NASCAR PIR race?

    I wouldn't mind the first night race being Phoenix in April
  12. JimmieGordon2448 Roush sees retirement ahead

    I don't think he's actually retiring just handing the company over. Crazy how much this team has fallen from grace, had trouble landing sponsors, good drivers left and the Fenway deal didn't work out the way they thought
  13. JimmieGordon2448

    Yahoo Fantasy Group - - 2017 edition

    Congrats on the win this week @Johali beat me by two points
  14. JimmieGordon2448

    Atlanta RACE thread

    Harvick: I don't think anybody will blow it as bad as I did Kyle Larson: Watch this
  15. JimmieGordon2448

    Atlanta RACE thread

    Always has to be against the wall
  16. JimmieGordon2448

    2017 Atlanta - Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 - Pre Race Thread

    Hmmm interesting since JRM did away with their CWTS program when they couldn't find sponsorship for Berry
  17. JimmieGordon2448

    Bonehead = Daytona 500

    McMurray and just because I'm a 24 fan...Gustafson
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