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    Is Ty Gibbs the most disliked champion?

    This is off topic about Ty. Going to let that rest awhile. But as an old race fan, for a very long time,it seems people like to boo more than cheer.
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    2022 World of Outlaws

    New fan now. We went three nights to the World of Outlaws this weekend. I grew up in Concord and have seen lots of NASCAR but never the Sprint cars live. Just a great show, dust and all. I now understand the love for dirt. Our bath towels are a wonderful orange color. I will be there next year...
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    Ty Gibbs Is a Bad Person

    Yes, I agree with about all comments. This guy might not recover from this bad deserved image or might take a long time. I really don't know how he was raised or spoiled. But I happened to be on a garage tour this week and Joe came into work and talked to all of us. Even mentioned this and...
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    NASCAR Cup Series Championship Pre-Race Thread

    We have some friends in town (Concord) from California for World of Outlaws. We just happened to take the Garage Pass tour yesterday. I can't recommend enough, Patrick is great. We met Joe Gibbs and he talked to us. I was surprised that he mentioned about having to deal with his Grandson and...
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    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    Just got back in,did I miss anything?
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    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    I picked a good week for a garage tour this week.
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    Cup RACE thread --- Martinsville

    That is better than anything F1 did today.
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    2022 World of Outlaws

    I have been able to hear them from my backyard. I am looking forward to seeing this up close.
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    2022 World of Outlaws

    OK guys,first post. I am from Concord,but have never been to World Of Outlaws. We have friends coming from California to watch. I have seen plenty of NASCAR and looking forward to it. Tell me what people think about The Dirt Track? Do the drivers like?
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