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  1. ancienthacker

    Johali's Rate the Cup race

  2. ancienthacker

    Rate the Race --- Chicago

  3. ancienthacker

    Bonehead of the week: Bristol

    Another 200 laps would have been great
  4. ancienthacker

    Congratulations 18 Kyle Busch

    Kyle left a surprise for a fan as he left Bristol Sunday morning
  5. ancienthacker

    For Kicks: What is your final four?

    78 4 42 18
  6. ancienthacker


    Kes to the 88
  7. ancienthacker

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    If Menards sold guns and ammo they would be an almost perfect store. We spend a lot of money at Menards. Good prices and customer service is pretty good.
  8. ancienthacker

    Silly Season For 2017

    In a stunning move, NASCAR star Carl Edwards is leaving Joe Gibbs Racing to pursue other interests outside of driving and will not compete in 2017, has learned from multiple sources. Shocked
  9. ancienthacker

    Your Final 4

    Anyone but Joey
  10. ancienthacker

    Bonehead of the week: Kansas II

    The 42 in the xfinity race. Larson ruined the day for 2 drivers going for the xfinity championship.
  11. ancienthacker

    Rate The Race: Kansas II

    Harvick wins - solid 10. Add in the 2 wrecking himself - turn it up to 11.
  12. ancienthacker

    NASCAR HOF reported as looted

    Looted apparently means a window was broken.
  13. ancienthacker

    NASCAR HOF reported as looted

    Not much in the way of details.
  14. ancienthacker

    Chase round 1 - First four out?

    Buescher Johnson Kenseth Larson
  15. ancienthacker

    NASCAR 2015 - BOLD Prediction Thread

    All 4 SHR drivers get at least 1 win
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