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  1. Ol Smokie

    SIAP Kyle Busch arrest

    I wonder if Joey's looking over his shoulder now that he knows Kyle is packing and "owes him one".
  2. Ol Smokie

    HOLLY CRAP German team to enter NASCAR 2023

    Herby rides again!
  3. Ol Smokie

    Kyle Busch to RCR

    I'm not a Kyle Bush fan, but RCR has some fast race cars, they've proven that, and I think Kyle will only help make them faster. Kurt Bush improved every team he raced for, and I think Kyle will do the same at RCR.
  4. Ol Smokie

    Time to look at playoff format?

    He probably entered the cup series under more pressure than any other driver, before or since. HUGE shoes to fill.
  5. Ol Smokie

    Jimmy Johnson back to NASCAR as part owner of Petty GMS
  6. Ol Smokie

    '21 Generation 7 Car news

    They can do some amazing things with body wrap now. I'll bet that they could make all the cars the same, body, nose and tail, and with the wrap they have now, trick the eye into seeing a Ford, Chevy or Toyota.
  7. Ol Smokie

    Someone is going to die in these cars!!!

    I was thinking along the lines of a seat, or a seat within a seat, with maybe some of the expanded metal that they use for crush panels in between. The seat and headrest would have some give in the event of a crash, but would otherwise be solid.
  8. Ol Smokie

    Someone is going to die in these cars!!!

    Maybe a seat modification? That might be something they could do quickly, but I don't really know how much they can do. More padding in the back?
  9. Ol Smokie

    Time to look at playoff format?

    It should definitely not come down to just one race to decide the champion. Two or three races would be best for sure.
  10. Ol Smokie

    Cup RACE thread --- Richmond

    Half or more of these "recording superstars" are people I've certainly never head of.
  11. Ol Smokie

    Bonehead of the week: Atlanta II/Mid-Ohio

    I'm not defending Chastain's driving, but the very first contact between the #1 car and the #11 car, was Hamlin getting into Chastain's rear quarter, for no reason but to deliberately hit him.
  12. Ol Smokie

    Bonehead of the week: Atlanta II/Mid-Ohio

    They just can't shut up for one second. They were talking over the in car and each other.
  13. Ol Smokie

    Trackhouse Entertainment Group announces PROJECT91 initiative

    Any idea or hopes on who the driver(s) will be?
  14. Ol Smokie

    Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel.

    I think that part of the problem is that the nut IS tight and probably at the right torque, but the splines are on top of each other, instead of engaged. As soon as the car hits the ground, they settle in, and the nut is loose.
  15. Ol Smokie

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Martinsville

    An adult wouldn't leave his full-face helmet on when he started throwing punches around.
  16. Ol Smokie

    Johali's Rate the Cup race --- Darlington

    7.5 pretty good race, would rate it higher if the inside lane came in to allow more passing
  17. Ol Smokie

    2022 Silly Season

    I'm not a huge Kurt Bush fan but I think if you put him back in an SHR car both him and Harvick would be right up front again.
  18. Ol Smokie

    The Announcers Thread

    If Dale Sr. was still around, Jimmie might not have got 5 in a row. Just sayin.
  19. Ol Smokie

    Kyle Busch to continue racing in NXS even after he scores 100 wins

    I wonder how many fights Mike Tyson would have won if he fought in heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight? Probably be a record.
  20. Ol Smokie

    Gordon's Statement during the 600 is too telling

    On the flip side, over at SHR, you have Harvick running decent, but he gets to compare setups with Briscoe, Custer and Almirola. I can't imagine that he gets much useful info there. Not like he did with Newman and Bush.
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