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  1. kymartin6

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    I read it on MSN. They listed 10 banks that might be affected.
  2. kymartin6

    NASCAR Sponsorship News Thread

    Just read where Ally bank may be affected by the SVB collapse. Might also be vulnerable.
  3. kymartin6

    Has Kyle Busch (at age 37) gained a step?

    But maybe it was his piss-a$$ed attitude and entitlement for the reason his team wasn't behind him. No one wants to work with a jacka$$. Even his crew chief got fed up with him and changed teams. He's new here and hasn't had time to piss 'em all off yet.
  4. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    Sounds like they are trying to put a band-aid on it to get rid of you. I hope you are close to another shop when you leave there.
  5. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    Having to run at idle or anything below full power generates more NOX, this tends to plug the catalyst sooner causing more frequent regens. Some vehicles must use a regen system that injects diesel fuel into the catalyst and ignites it, burning to 1500 degrees, plus inject DEF fluid (which is...
  6. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    Any diesel engine over 25 horsepower has to have emission controls. Even lawnmowers. They will derate also.
  7. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    I am not sure the warranty period on over the road trucks, but is govt. mandated at 5 years or 3000 hours on Ag equipment for emissions controls unless it was caused by the customer. After that you have to mortgage everything you own to have it repaired. Just as with over the road trucks, Ag...
  8. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    I'd say 80 was about right a few years ago. Looking at probably 60 now.
  9. kymartin6

    I need a hat, a chain for my wallet & a can of snuff.

    There is also a problem finding qualified technicians. All vehicles and farm equipment are over engineered. Even the ones who designed them usually don't know what's wrong. I was a farm equipment tech for over 40 years. I retired last year because of that. The emissions regulations screwed...
  10. kymartin6

    Are oil changes necessary?

    LOL on Slick 50... In the early 90's I had a '72 monte carlo that had a 327 with about 10,000 miles on it. Used no oil at all. Prior to making a 2400 mile trip, I decided to add a bottle of Slick 50. It used 13 quarts of oil on the trip. Upon returning, I had to pull the engine and rebuild...
  11. kymartin6

    Random NASCAR Stuff to talk about.....

    American Zoom........ written in the early 90's.
  12. kymartin6

    Bubba Wallace Appreciation Thread

    Larson was smarter than Bubba in that he didn't fight back. I would loved to see him smack him upside the head with his helmet and coldcock him though.
  13. kymartin6

    Cup RACE thread ---- Las Vegas

    Hamlin walled Byron.
  14. kymartin6

    Cup RACE thread ---- Las Vegas

    Bubba being his normal a$$hole.
  15. kymartin6

    My '63 Unibody (Integral Cab)

    Hey Bobby......... I see in the picture what appears to be a Snap-On IM32 butterfly impact. Those are amazing tools. I have had 8 of them over the last 35 years. Still have 4 in operating condition. Just bought 2 more off E-bay a couple months ago.
  16. kymartin6

    Joey Logano

    Yeah.... Fall Charlotte race. They had the lugs off all 4 tires. When the jack dropped on the right side, Earnhardt nailed the gas. The left sides fell off before turn 1. They let Chocolate Myers and another crewman take a jack, 4 way lug wrench and tires down there. Car should have been loaded...
  17. kymartin6


    Pretty well certain the soccer stadium will take precedent over the fairgrounds and speedway. At the expense of the speedway. The speedway has been a red headed stepchild to the fair board and city for a very long while.
  18. kymartin6

    Spoiler change for super speedway cars

    I was wondering when someone would notice that Nascar couldn't reduce fractions. ;)
  19. kymartin6

    Rate The Cup Race: Michigan I

    Solid 8. Really good racing for Michigan.
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