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  1. cheesepuffs

    Bonehead: Gateway/Portland

    I miss Trackside so much.
  2. cheesepuffs

    Lack of respect for Jimmie Johnson?

    I missed the majority of the 600 (only caught the end). What happened to him?
  3. cheesepuffs

    Charlotte Bonehead

    Look, NASCAR and consistency have never really gone hand in hand...
  4. cheesepuffs

    Charlotte Bonehead

    Agreed. They already lost him for how many weeks due to his injury, so there's no way they're parking him in addition to that. If asked why Bubba was parked and Chase wasn't, they'll probably say Bubba was parked due to the physical escalation aspect of his situation.
  5. cheesepuffs

    Jimmie Johnson is a B+ owner

    Don't forget [insert Toyota driver/CC here] Appreciation Thread
  6. cheesepuffs

    Silly Season 2024

    That's what everybody wants but it ain't happening. NASCAR isn't even guaranteeing to the teams that the charters are permanent yet. If Junior and Kelly haven't already bought them then they aren't going to this year either because negotiations between NASCAR and the teams are still on-going.
  7. cheesepuffs

    Josh Berry appreciation thread

    Nobody is reporting it as a done deal yet but there's lots of smoke around that fire...
  8. cheesepuffs

    Josh Berry appreciation thread

    He doesn't necessarily have lots of setup data. They can be using his feedback about how the car drives and tweaking on it, but without disclosing the exact changes.
  9. cheesepuffs

    Josh Berry appreciation thread

    Exactly. They still need to keep NAPA and Ally happy. It's tough enough to break the news to a couple of your largest partners that their star brand ambassadors will be out of the car, so the best you can do is put your most talented second-stringer in their seat to salvage the situation as much...
  10. cheesepuffs

    Silly Season 2024

    They tried, that was the plan. He was supposed to be in the 22 Xfinity car last year but then Brad had announced he was leaving, so Cindric got the 2 and then Burton got pushed to the 21 Cup deal.
  11. cheesepuffs

    Dover Bonehead

    I've been a Chastain fan for a few years now, but I just watched the replay (I missed the race) and that seemed completely pointless.
  12. cheesepuffs

    Silly Season 2024

    Same, but the DEX Imaging money might be too good to let him go.
  13. cheesepuffs

    Silly Season 2024

    Growth through an additional car for an existing Toyota team, or in the form of a new team to the TRD fold altogether?
  14. cheesepuffs

    Silly Season 2024

    Wait, is Harrison officially out of the 21 at seasons end?
  15. cheesepuffs

    Cup RACE thread --- Talladega

    I'm out right now, who spun?
  16. cheesepuffs

    Xfinity RACE thread --- Talladega

    Saturday afternoon wrecking was more like it. Some of those blocks were just, wow. So that's the second best level of stockcar racing in the world...
  17. cheesepuffs

    Deegan update

    That she can be a pay driver either way? If you follow then as closely as you claim, then you'd know Brian has clearly stated that they don't have the self-funding available to keep the NASCAR career going on their own.
  18. cheesepuffs

    Deegan update

    Brian Deegan has a big ass house. What does that have to do with her lack of NASCAR success?
  19. cheesepuffs

    Who is the biggest surprise and/or disappointment after Race 7/36??

    On the retirement run? He won a race like six weeks ago.
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