1. sky

    CARS Tour 2021

    I realized that there is no thread for the CARS Late Model Stock Tour. The parity is unmatched of any tour I've followed in recent memory. Been so busy with the "media" I've been pretty dormant here. Wondering if anyone was able to catch the Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway. Fantastic...
  2. T

    Tips for getting started in the Ucar division on asphalt

    Im seriously considering buying a car to get setup over the next year and start racing it in 2018. If anyone on here has some wisdom they could share with me from when they got started in the Ucar division I would appreciate any advice thrown my way. Ideally I would like to purchase a car...
  3. B


    New to this forum, or forums in general. I love the NASCAR races and haven't missed a single one at MIS in Michigan in the last 10 years. That being said, I'm surprised to not find any forum pages on street style racing. What's everyone's scoop on street? You can't tell me you only love going...
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