2019 Nascar Euro Series

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    The NASCAR Euro Series starts its 11th season on April 13 in Valencia, Spain with two new names expected to be listed on the entry list joining former NASCAR Cup Series champion Bobby Labonte.

    Add a fourth name Myatt Snider who will be running full time . Good FYI for those not familiar with the growing Nascar European style racing series. Lots of differences. Kinda stick n bally fan wise with races held in the different countries tend to pit drivers/fans from different countries vs the other. Adding another new track this year as they did last year.

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    The article pointed out that drivers like that there are no electronic aids - seat of the pants racing. I checked Wiki and they run Chevy V8s and composite Camero and Mustang bodies. I can see why they'd want a proven engine but I would have thought they'd use European bodies.
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    On the side of the truck in post three probably has something to do with it. I believe the Canadian the Mexican and the Euro series use common parts and pieces that interchange so there isn't the need to have everybody making the same thing and they can split the manufacturing duties to keep the costs down. I believe they have a common tire manufacturer for all of them also. General I believe it is.
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    Not sure about the Mexico series cars but they are very similar to the Pinty's Series cars.

    Very cool series in Europe! I had the chance to check out 2 rounds of the series last year at the now permanently closed oval in Tours, France. Really great time!
    Pretty cool to see them keep working on bringing some drivers from North America. Bobby Labonte full time last year, Jacques Villenueve and Myatt Snyder this year.
    They also started their "Driver exchange" exchange last year, Frederic Gabillon ran the Trois Riveries Pinty's Series last year and Pinty's Series driver JF Dumoulin raced in Belgium.
    This year defending Mexico series champion (And 2 time K&N Pro Series race winner last year) Ruben Garcia Jr is racing in Spain and the 2019 Euro Series champion will race in the 2019 Mexico Series finale.
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    Huh. Didn't even know this was a thing. Good for them.
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    Go JJC!

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