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Discussion in 'Sports Car Racing' started by FLRacingFan, May 7, 2019.

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    Hybrid technology confirmed, and so far a healthy number of OEMs interested in the regulations. I'd like to see them open up the platform to more than the original four LMP2 chassis constructors, allowing a Ginetta type to come in, but they seem content with the constructors they have now. I hope they don't get too crazy with the styling cues, but I do agree they could do more to differentiate the cars from their LMP2 base body kits.

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    Sounds like it'll all be wrapped up pretty soon. This is the first I've heard of the potential for alternative fuels in some capacity. 10-11 options for the spec hybrid supplier, which sounds even more likely to be higher voltage. Nine OEMs involved in the technical meetings for the time being.

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    NINE!? I like it. If even four of them are competitive, this series is going to be even more fun.
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    I thought IMSA went the wrong way taking the P2 cars out of the top class. You just about can't buy any DPI except the Cadillac and the solitary Nissan, which was not competitive this year anyway. They were far better off giving the privateers a competitive option, not to mention it gave us more variety.

    As far as the Cadillacs, it's not fair to them that they have to supply everyone while Acura and Madza only have to take care of their factory entries.

    Actually, everything fell apart when WEC came up with their Super Mega GT $35 million class while they had a full field of P2s. Imagine what we could have had with a world wide DPI/P2 formula. The P2 cars are sill the absolute stars of every WEC race.
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    Mazda are reportedly open to supplying a customer next year, as the main concern for them was figuring out their package what with the constant reliability issues they had had for a long time up until this summer. A potential customer had approached Acura about running a car next year but Team Penske vetoed it given their exclusivity deal through 2020 - although there are some hints that after that Penske could part ways with Acura and open that opportunity back up.

    The new prototypes won't have any mandated customer sales which is unfortunate as well, but hopefully there are enough factories involved that we won't have to care for a while. And it sounds like there's a lot of interest at the moment.
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    As the article said, it's just one car. Every car counts, but Mazda really needs to cough up more than just one, especially considering how much Cadillac stepped up.

    Isn't Riley in business to make chassis and AER to make motors? How does Mazda only selling one car help either of them?

    That and now it's crystal clear how much it hurt the privateers to obsolete the P2 cars they could actually buy. The only customer Mazda appears to be spoken for, Cadillac is probably maxxed out, Acura won't sell their cars and the Nissan isn't competitive any more. If you want to race DPI where can you get car?

    More troubling is how does IMSA expand the field like this?

    So, what do the privateers do and how do and how does this expand the field?

    This year the privateers empathically demonstrated they are not interested in prototype expenses for mere class wins, so P2 is as good as dead, and unable
    to buy a DP, they can't move up either.

    Well, hopefully, but how long will they stay and what will we do when they leave?

    I hope I am wrong, but the pattern of neglecting the interests of the privateers and manufacturers leaving has repeated itself so often that you have to consider it just might continue.
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    Mazda don't really have a huge motorsports budget. It wasn't very public but there were a lot of questions of whether or not Mazda would keep spending money on the program before their summer tear started from people who have a good presence in the paddock. I'm not sure how serious it was, but at least something they felt like noting every once in a while. Keep in mind they've already pulled back on motorsports with them dropping their Road to Indy involvement at the end of last year, and they'd been involved in that for years too. They're not a behemoth like GM.

    Riley don't have anything to do with the Mazda program, it transitioned fully over to Multimatic and they have a lot on their plate. Building more DPi/P2 chassis probably isn't that important to them at this point, especially with the rules changing in a few years. I'm not sure about AER, but I'm assuming the Ginetta supply deal is the biggest thing on their plate right now.

    Realistically, the DPi field is not expanding significantly until 2022 when the new regulations debut and hopefully more manufacturers join. If Penske leave after next year a team or two will probably take up those Acuras on the cheap for the final year of the current rules, next year someone might run a privateer Mazda to effectively replace CORE leaving. The next two years are mostly about stability.

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