2022 São Paulo Grand Prix


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Feb 9, 2013

It’s gonna be a shock first pole for Kevin Magnussen with a flying lap on soft slicks before Russell caused a red and the rain came down again.

Unfortunately he likely won’t start at the front of the grid on Sunday because of the Sprint. Dump this goofyass format already.
Missed it as I turned the "short race" on too late. Guessing I'll see what you're talking about on the pre-race show tomorrow.
How many times are they going to let Stroll get away with crashing people and running them off on the Straights?

Great to see someone finally give max a run, even though it was probably down to tire choice. It was actually quite shocking to see max get run down and passed. Tomorrow could be quite different.
Thanks for the video. Almost the exact copy of the Alonso incident. Didn't learn a thing from before.
I was waiting for Vettel to unload a tirade over the radio.

Vettel's response to his team on the radio as he is doing 170 mph
through the grass was only one word - ".....yeah".

Hopefully we didn’t get most of the passing out of the way already. If the GP is anywhere near as good as the Sprint it’ll be a great race.

Loving the "sprint".
How about having one on Saturday & Sunday, with the 2 day average being the end (race) result?
Did Magnussen bump him or was it an unassisted Ricciardo spin?
There we go. I was afraid this was going to be a sleepy F1 parade today.
Quite the opposite.
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