9 golf balls and $25,000



A couple had been married for 29 years and the wife stayed at home all day, while her husband worked and played the occasional round of golf.
One day the wife was cleaning thier bedroom and she found a shoe box with 9 golf balls in it and $25,000 in it. She was puzzled about it and waited for her husband to get home before she asked him about it.
When he arrived home after work she told him, "Hunny, when i was cleaning the bedroom today i found a shoe box with 9 golf balls and $ 25,000 in it."
He says to here," Well thats because whenever we have bad sex, i put a golfball in the box."
The wife said, "Gee we've been married 29 years and only had bad sex 9 times, thats not too bad. I understand the golfballs now, but what about the $25,000?"
He said, "Well every time i got to a dozen balls, I sold them."


lol DirtyMo! That must be a hell of a lot of Golf balls!
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