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Jun 2, 2014
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LOL, I'm sure they mean well... but it is not good business practice to scare off customers before they've had a chance to sample your actual product...
One thing to keep in mind, people go to races and sporting events to get away from politics and stuff. Track owners would be wise to remember that.

That's honestly what I loved about my recent trip to Millbridge Speedway. Nothing political aside from one spectator wearing a Trump trucker hat. The only thing anyone focus on was the racing and I met some really nice people and we bonded over our love of dirt racing.
My guess is, he will have higher attendance.

If that sign bothers you, then the problem is not the sign.
I suppose he might hope to attract more red necks than he loses in fans who are not there to be bullied... if the red necks find it a little safe place for them...

The sign bothers me because it infers that some citizens are inferior and unwelcome - and also that in this day of so much competition for people's entertainment dollars it is unwise to irritate potential customers.
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