ACT St-Eustache 300


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Oct 28, 2008
Pretty crazy story from the Serie ACT Castrol Edge in Quebec. A driver from Ontario wrecked one of the most popular drivers in Quebec, Patrick Laperle, and a group of fans in the garage area kicked his ass. I knew the Quebec fans were fanatics about Quebec drivers, but I wouldn't think this would happen! I was thinking about going to this after the race at Kawartha on Saturday, It sounded like a pretty crazy event before I even heard about this!
officials from the American Canadian Tour have investigated the issue when the driver of the #4 ON team, Jonathan Urlin from London, Ontario was attacked by an angry mob of fans following the wreck in the final two laps when he and Patrick Laperle from nearby St. Denis, Quebec battled for the win. During the investigation there was no information discovered to verify that anyone other than a number of Laperle fans were responsible for attacking Urlin following the event. In fact, Daniel Laperle, brother and spotter of Patrick Laperle, informed officials that the team is very aware that they have been on probation since the first of June because of a similar incident following a Victory Lane ruckus at the Autodrome Chaudiere.

“The two raced hard for the win at the 300-lap race. They wrecked each other. It is unfortunate that a group of fans decided to gang up on one driver who was climbing out of his wrecked racer and beat on him in the garage area while literally every other team and official was out on pit road dealing with other issues. If Jonathan Urlin could have identified any one of the people who assaulted him, we would have supported and assisted with whatever legal options he may have had. As an organization, we are looking into our options on how we might be able to require better security at certain events for our competitors and officials,” said Tom Curley, President of the American Canadian Tour.
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