All star race to bristol

Such a nightmare COVID is for the globe, so many peoples lives have been changed in the face of this crisis.

Aside from all the serious issues happening to everyone...

a small silver lining for nascar fans in the midst of this Is seeing NASCAR try so many exciting things. Most of them they have almost had to do to make races up, but what a interesting few months it’s been to be a race fan.

and to top it off, the all star race gets a try at a different facility.

I really think it could be good to see this race moved every so often. I don’t want to say the all star race was basically a test session, because that wouldn’t be 100% correct. But I do feel in several ways, it was handled like a test for many teams at various times. I feel the race lost a lot of excitement in the last 10 or so years at Charlotte.

I believe this will give us fans a chance to Look forward to an all star race again!
The cars will be looking too fast too furious at Bristol
I'm ok with the cone but the lights just seem like a gimmick to me. Maybe we should throw some fake hood scoops in too!

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I keep forgetting this is a non-points race. So yeah, the lights will be fun. That's what this race is about.. and money. Non-points racing at Bristol? Bring it!!
Haven't read anything on this but yeah, it's the all star race so I'm cool with it. I wonder if the Fords will be blue lights, the Chevy's Red, and the Toyota's....what? White?
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I get a kick out of NASCAR trying things out with the All Star race (some things work - some things don't). When I read they are adding lighting under the cars I had to chuckle. It reminds me of Tron. Will they turn run in the dark? I wonder how long will it take for sponsors to figure out how to get their logo projected...
The All Star Open has alot of talent this year. They could make an all star race on their own. Austin Dillon, Tyler Reddick, Almirola, Bowyer, Buescher, DiBenedetto, Byron, Nemechek, Wallace, Stenhouse & Bell. A lot of good drivers will miss the all star race.
Never thought of that but I guess we'll see what actually fans think of Bubba now. With how much they've been pushing him you would think he'd be a lock?

yeah this voting process “If untampered with” will expose either how popular he is, or isn’t...

Kinda expecting he wins the voting
I think Byron and DiBenedetto (hes great at Bristol) race their way in the 3rd stage could go to anyone at that point. Bubba wins the fan vote.
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