BMW Factory In Munich Gives Formula BMW Driver Brook Johnston A Tour!


saleen V8

I just read an article about Sauber Red Bull Racing's driver Brook Johnston getting to tour the BMW Factory in Munich. I've wanted to tour the BMW factory for so long now and I have heard its amazing and very few get to see the racing operations. I bet Johnston is one of the first Americans to visit the BMW Sauber F1 operations in a very long time. It is very confidential in most F1 factories and their operations are rarely seen by the public or anyone of zero importance to the team. This tells me something is up at BMW Sauber with American Brook Johnston. Some people have been saying that Johnston may have some ins with BMW Sauber for a possible test spot. Does anyone know if thats true? I mean Peter Sauber does help operate his current team so it completely makes sense. Johnston is a great driver and should be praised for his skill, but Im not sure that he is ready for BMW Sauber quite yet though. If he wins this years International championship, which it looks like he will be doing, then he might prove worthy as a test driver for Torro Rosso for the 2009 season. But I doubt he will make the first string! He has too much competition from Sebastian Buemi and young Brasilian prodigy Senna. Johnston's shot is slim but he gets stronger and stronger every week so until then Im going to keep my mouth closed as to whether he will make F1 or not. He suprises me every week, and that makes him more and more worthy of a position like that!
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