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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by jaqua19, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. jaqua19

    jaqua19 Team Owner

    Anyone surprised that Carl hasn't run an Xfinity or a truck race since retiring? He said multiple times he isn't "retiring". Also, seeing him at Texas in 2018 here and talking about missing it, I'm wondering if Carl's decision wasn't fully his. Maybe there was a family discussion.

    Don't know, maybe Carl wasn't ready to step down, but he elected to in support of his wife and kid's feelings about it. Idk, miss seeing Carl in a car.

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  2. Biggreen695

    Biggreen695 Team Owner

    I wasn't a fan of him while he was in the sport, but now that hes not driving anymore I truly miss him. He was fun to watch.

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  3. KTMLew01

    KTMLew01 Team Owner

    I think that last crashed he had was a wake up call. Lost the championship and nearly got killed at same time. Think he just said this sh!t ain't worth it.

  4. Reck

    Reck Team Owner

    He had politcial aspirations. What happened to that?
  5. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    Carl said his biggest reason for leaving was his health. I don’t imagine he’d risk it for a one off race.
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  6. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    Some people quit at or near their best performance level.

    I like that.
  7. Larsonfan1995

    Larsonfan1995 Team Owner

    Too bad Carl didn't win the title that year and then walk away. Miss him out there. He's a great personality.
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  8. Greg

    Greg 2014 RF YAHOO CHAMP Your leader

    I think he is done.
    Even if he changed his mind which would be surprising, getting a ride with a top team would be tough.
    Rides are more scarce now
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  9. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Johali Lives

    I always figured he was going to retire when he missed his first backflip.
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  10. Switchback

    Switchback Team Owner

    I agree, he's not coming back. He would have a big learning curve and not getting any younger.
    was a great talent with an interesting personality, the sky was the limit. I respect that he walked away when he lost the passion instead of riding around putting money in the bank.
  11. Turtle84

    Turtle84 gained a step

    The Barry Sanders of NASCAR.
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  12. DUN24

    DUN24 Skeptical of the Spectacle

    I'm pretty sure Carl is traveling trans-continentaly via sail boat. Probably doesn't even know who is in championship contention. Good for him I say. Never been a huge fan but you'll be hard-pressed to find a driver who's been screwed over more often by the sanctioning body.
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  13. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    Nico Rosberg.
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  14. hidesert cowboy

    hidesert cowboy Team Owner

    Same here
  15. AuzGrams

    AuzGrams Team Owner

    Good for him to walk away the way he did.
  16. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    Him, Matt Kenseth, and Jeff Gordon could all file a complaint. :p
  17. Clutch

    Clutch Team Owner

    Try Robby Gordon
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  18. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

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  19. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Remember the Gator

    Leaving a door open doesn't require him to ever walk through it.
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  20. MRM

    MRM Team Owner

    One day, I'd like to hear Carl say why he really retired. I feel like we're not getting the whole story. Maybe it's one thing, maybe it's several things. But to disappear like he has done is quite bewildering.
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  21. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    [QUOTE="MRM, post: 1641091, member: 356 But to disappear like he has done is quite bewildering.[/QUOTE]

    I think Carl is one of those people that is either in it 100% or he is out, no middle of the road. JMHO
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  22. Michfan

    Michfan Team Owner

    As a huge Carl fan it was frustrating to watch him struggle with crappy Roush cars the last couple years and then retire when he was back in a top tier ride. I respect his decision tho.
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  23. MRM

    MRM Team Owner

    Maybe. He was such an attention whore when he was driving, his disappearance from everyone is what's so mind blowing.
  24. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    Yep, Carl never met a camera he didn't like
  25. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    Yet he shuns social media and does not share hardly any aspects of his private life with his fans around the globe, especially now - which is kind of refreshing, tbh.
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  26. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    He would of made a hell of an announcer I think while I listen to the gerbils butchering the race.
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  27. kyle busch 18

    kyle busch 18 1ST PLACE!

    Carl was fake as hell. He tried to come off as like a squeaky clean good guy but it always felt like he was hiding something he just seemed really odd to me. Bipolar maybe. It kind of slipped out when he had the roid rage moment vs kenseth. Plus he always talked about ford this and ford that and how great ford was. Then jumps in a toyota like wtf. What a poser he was
  28. Larsonfan1995

    Larsonfan1995 Team Owner

    How dare he talk good about his sponsor and jump ship from a sinking Roush team to the powerhouse JGR
  29. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Remember the Gator

    Dude, they ALL do that.
  30. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

    I dont expect anything less from someone who spent decades in the limelight.

    If it were me I’d be nekkid on an island and nobody would hear from me again.
  31. KTMLew01

    KTMLew01 Team Owner

    I was hoping Danica would go that route. But nope. Now she's all into her touchy/feely feelings crap. Be positive sh!t. When you have enough money to never have to work another day easy to be positive. AND GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
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  32. AndyMarquisLive

    AndyMarquisLive Short Track Fanatic

    Mark Martin's 1990 Winston Cup championship and 2007 Daytona 500 say hi.

    Can't forget about 2002 either. Or Michigan in 2004.
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  33. ChexOrWrex

    ChexOrWrex Ya gotta wanna

  34. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    Nah, maybe he's just a humble, classy guy who didn't feel the need to always act imposing a la Harvick. He could have taken most anybody on among the drivers, yet you never really saw that happen. He never really was one to get too far down the rabbit hole as far as downing anyone else goes. Keselowski may have been the only one that got a rise out of him, and we all remember why.

    You can't tell me that if you were a proven winning race car driver, you wouldn't try to get the best deals and the best cars possible. Look at where Roush is now! He was carrying the team after the other faithful Roush minion(s) saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship. Biffle went out with hardly a whimper, but probably would have met a different, better outcome had he followed suit.

    Man, everyday I find myself asking why I am continuing to use social media... things like Facebook and Twitter have strayed so very, very far from what they were intended to be used for afaic.
  35. sdj

    sdj Just a race fan

    Yep, I remember that well, always will. I lost total respect for him after that event. That fake punch was totally uncalled for, especially doing it during Matt's interview on TV.

    On a personal note, I do not care if Carl Edwards ever races again.
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  36. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    Has anyone considered that walking away from Nascar was NOT Carl's decision? He may have stepped over the line as a husband/father and leaving Nascar with his fortune and family intact was the best deal he could make.
  37. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    you missed out on a great headline for the drama mags at the supermarket when Carl left the sport, honorable mention for the tin foil hat crowd.
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  38. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    The tabloids do a pretty good business making known the pitiful
    morals of the famous.
  39. KTMLew01

    KTMLew01 Team Owner

    Seems pretty clear to me. Did you watch the video of the wreck? That could have gone really bad. But YMMV. I believe what he said was he wanted to walk away healthy. If he still had any interest in racing he would have bought a dirt mod or something like that and gone racing. He done. Figures his number may be up next crash.
  40. Dr_B_UNC

    Dr_B_UNC Team Owner

    Carl was right there. Best line though was Harvick: "Same guy (Smith) ruined Bristol."
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