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  1. i have been a long time lurker and nascar fan i am downsizing and have no room for my nascar collection anymore. i would love to sell it to people who will actually care and appreciate my collection. i am more than willing to sell it together or piece it out. it has taken me awhile to collect this. message me with any questions or offers on items. thank you for your time

    91 Winston salutes 20 Yrs of Champions -- Autographs by Petty, Parsons, Yarborough,
    Bobby Allison, T Labonte, Elliott, D Waltrip, Wallace
    92 Winston at Night, framed
    91 Winston -- Autographed by Kulwicki, K Petty, Schrader, M Shephard, Gant, etc.
    97 Winston -- Autographed by J Gordon, Irvan, Craven, Elliott, Jarret, T Labonte, B Labonte,
    W Burton, G Bodine, M Waltrip, D Waltrip, K Petty, B Hamilton, J Spenser, R Wallace,
    S Marlin, R Rudd
    94 Ford at Brickyard -- Autographs by Musgrave, Bodine, Elliot, Spencer, Cope, Mast
    Inaugural Las Vegas poster
    Bristol Motor Speedway -- Racing the Way It Oughta' Be! Night (97)
    Bristol Motor Speedway -- Racing the Way It Oughta' Be! Daytime (97)

    Skoal Bandit, black body, checkered sleeves, Bandit logo on back -- Gant autograph

    Misc Stuff-
    Richard Petty Europe Stamp collection, COA
    Dale Sr '79 Rookie of the Year Sun Drop (2)
    Richard Petty Pepsi bottle, Most career poles 127
    95 Jeff Gordon Coca Cola Winston Cup champion bottle
    Jeff Gordon Stein/Tankard, Franklin Mint, COA
    Jeff Gordon Snack Factory Jelly Bean bank, unopened, like a pepsi bottle
    50th Anniversary Budweiser/ NASCAR collector mug, COA
    Richard Petty Card set (TRAKS) -- 20 years of Petty
    Custom framed photo collage of Brickyard first 10 winners
    Custom framed tickets collage of 97 Rudd Brickyard winner
    Dale Sr. 7-time champ collector plate, COA
    Dale Sr. Taz collector plate, COA
    92 Darrell Waltrip Western Auto, Salvino Stand-up figurine, autographed, COA, #569 of 1500
    Goodyear Nascar 50th Anniversary Collector tin w/cards inside
    Goodyear Inflatable Blimp -- 30 inches long
    Folding club chair -- Jeff Gordon (blue)
    Folding club chair -- Dale Jr (red)
    Folding club chair -- Booby Labonte (green)
    Folding club chair -- NASCAR (black)
    93 Davey Allison Memorial plaque, Valley Trophies and Engraving, #900 of 10.000 COA
    50th Anniversary NASCAR Barbie

    97 Hallmark Keepsake, Jeff Gordon
    04 Dale Sr Car, Travco
    02 #99 Citgo J Burton Car, Trevco
    00 # 18 Interstate Batteries Bobby Labonte Car, Trevco
    04 Boyd Racing Home Depot bear
    04 Boyd Racing Interstate Batteries bear
    02 Baldwin Indy Car and stands, gold

    Autographed Photos 3 X 5-
    Richard Petty and 84 car
    Richard Petty 92 quals at Daytona Pepsi 400
    Richard Petty 93 at Brickyard (first and only laps at the track)
    Jeremy Mayfield, '00 Mobil 1
    Bill Elliott, 00 McDonalds at Brickyard
    Ted Musgrave, '93 Brickyard
    Ricky Rudd on Pole at Brickyard, in garage pointing at bud Pole leader board

    Autographed Photos 5 X 7-
    Bill Elliott, 00 McDonalds at Bristol Infield
    Kyle Petty, 91 Mello Yellow

    Autographed Photos 8 X 10-
    Bobby Labonte, 97 Interstate Batteries
    Mark Martin, 91 Folgers
    Harry Gant, 91 Skoal Bandit, custom frame
    Bill Elliott, 84 Coors
    Ernie Irvan, 92 Kodak
    Rusty Wallace, 92 Miller (black/yellow)
    Rusty Wallace, 00 Miller (blue/white)
    Davey Allison, 91 Havoline
    Brett Bodine, 91 Quaker State
    Marvin Panch
    Rick Mast, driver postcard Skoal Classic

    Autographed posters 11 X 17-
    Richard Petty -- Daytona 500 program cover
    Richard Petty -- '92 Fall Michigan Program poster
    Harry Gant -- '02 Skoal Bandit
    Jeff Gordon -- '93 Rainbow Warrior
    Richard Petty -- custom framed
    Richard Petty -- (2) 8 x 10s custom framed together
    Sterling Marlin, '92 Maxwell House

    Autographed Driver Postcards-
    Brett Bodine Quaker State
    Geoff Bodine #60 Power Team
    '91 Harry Gant Skoal Bandit
    Ted Musgrave Family Channel
    Ted Musgrave Jasper Transmission
    Bill Elliott McDonalds
    Rick Wilson #8 Snickers
    '94 #51 Jeff Purvis County Time
    (2) Davey Allison Texaco Havoline
    Tony Stewart Home Depot Rookie Year
    #1 Rick Mast Skoal Classic
    #43 Richard Petty Anniversary w 5 cars
    #23 Siemens Scott Wimmer and Hut Stricklin '02

    Driver Postcards-
    Darrell Waltrip Route 66/Big K
    Darrell Waltrip Western Auto Chrome Parts America
    #41 Ricky Craven Kodak
    #31 Skinner Lowes Chevy
    #2 Rusty Wallace Miller Lite Black and Gold
    #2 Rusty Wallace Miller Lite Blue and White/Mobil I
    #12 Jeremy Mayfield Mobil I
    Jeff Gordon 95 Champion Rainbow Warrior
    Jeff Gordon 99 Champion Rainbow Warrior
    Jeff Gordon 04 Hendrick Motorsports 20 Years
    Terry Labonter #5 Iron Man
    #21 Michael Waltrip Citgo
    #10 Tide Ricky Rudd
    #88 Dale Jarrett Ford Quality Care
    #1 Rick Mast Skoal Black and Green
    #4 Sterling Marlin Kodak
    Richard Petty Fan Appreciation Tour
    #6 Valvoline Mark Martin
    #60 Winn Dixie Mark Martin
    #24 Gordon DuPont '93 Competitive Motorsports Products
    #18 Interstate Batteries Dale, MJarrett '94 Competitive Motorsports
    #9 Spam Lake Speed
    #74 Randie Lajoie Fia, BACE Motorsports, Busch Champion
    #18 Interstate Batteries Bobby Labonte '99
    #4 Kodak Ernie Irvan '91 Daytona 500 Champion
    #8 Snickers
    #11 Bill Elliott Budweiser Racing
    #21 Morgan Shephard Citgo '92
    # 9 and #19 Eveernham Motorsports
    #30 Pennzoil Johnny Benson '97
    #37 Jeremy Mayfield Kmart/RC Kranefus Haas
    #25 Wally Dallenbach Budweiser '99
    #99 Exide Batteries Jeff Burton '97
    #19 Bulls Eye Barbeque Chad Little '91

    Die Casts 1/64 scale-
    Dale Sr. Goodwrench Taz in Collector Tin
    Dale Jr. Bud Daytona 500 winner, set of 2, in collector tin
    Dale Sr. Goodwrench Oreo Daytona 500 winner
    Richard Petty STP Collection, COA, 16 yrs of STP, in collector carry case (Racing Champs)
    Richard Petty STP Collection, COA, 16 yrs of STP, in metal display case (Racing Champs)
    Jeff Gordon, DuPont Bugs Bunny, Action Elit, COA
    1/87 scale of Alan Kulwicki Hooters Hauler (Racing Champions)
    '94 Skoal Bandit last ride -- Nov. 13, plastic case, Gant autograph
    '89 #27 Kodiak Rusty Wallace, Action Racing Collectibles, in plastic case
    Koal Bandit, Gant
    Brickyard 400 Inaugural car, Racing Champions
    Terry Labonte Iron Man Racing Champions
    Daytona Back-to-Back winners, 3-car set in Collector Tin (Cale, Richard, Sterling)
    Terry Labonte -- Kelloggs Collector Set -- 6 cars including Iron Man
    Las Vegas Inaugural program car
    (2) Marvin Panch, Racing Champions autographed
    Casey Atwood Castrol Action
    Derrick Cope Racing Chanpions Purolator, 500 winner
    Todd Bodine Tabasco Racing Champions
    Bill Elliot, Stanley, autographed
    Scott Riggs, Stanley, autographed
    Darrell Waltrip, Buid, in collector Bud can
    5-car set Playboy Playmate limited edition -- Pamela, Carmen, Anna Nicole, Donna Derrico,
    Jenny McCarthy
    '97 Darrell Waltrip Revell Collector set, 7 pieces in original case
    #55 Square D Schneider Electric, Bobby Hamilton Winner Circle, Action
    '94 Jeff Gordon, Rainbow Warrior, Racing Champions
    '92 Harry Gant Racing Champions, car and figure
    '97 #44 Kyle Petty Hot Wheels Pro Racing
    '94 Indy 500 Winner Al Unser Jr., Malboro, Racing Champions IMS Exclusive Edition
    '92 JD McDuffy Racing Champions
    '00 Adam Petty #45 spring Car, Hot Wheels Collector Track Edition
    #12 Mobil Jeremy Mayfield Diorama, Winners Circle Pit Row '98
    Bobby Labonte Interstate Batteries Gift Pack (3 cars and driver picture), Action Winners Circle
    #10 Ricky Rudd Tide Collectors Edition, Racing Champions

    Die Casts 1/43 scale-
    Winston No Bull, Jimmy Spencer, Revell, in plastic case
    '98 Skoal Bandit Bud Shootout, Schrader, Revell, in plastic case, COA, Gant autograph
    Skoal Traditional, Rick Mast, Revell, in plastic case
    '92 Kodiak, Steve Grissom, Revell, in plastic case, COA
    '03 Michael Shumaker, Malboro, F1 car, Hot Wheels, in plastic case
    Legends of Racing Collection (12 cars in individual plastic cases)
    '92 #28 Davey Allison Havoline Ford T-Bird, Matchbox Special Edition
    318 Dale Jarrett Interstate Batteries Lumina, Fletcher Barnhart, and White
    '97 #10 Ricky Rudd Tide Mountain Spring Collector Edition

    Die Casts 1/24 scale-
    '98 Dale Jr. Coca Cola Japan, Action
    Dale Sr. Goodwrench Bank, Action
    '00 Jeff Gordon, Snoopy, Action
    Richard Petty, Superbird, Racing champions
    Kenny Irwin, 42 Bellsouth, Action
    Darrell Waltrip, Big K 66 Action
    Jeremy Mayfield Kentucky Derby Mobil 1, Action
    Kenny Schrader, 2001 Stars and Stripes for 9/11, team Caliper, COA
    Terry Labonte, 24K gold Racing Champions in original box
    Sterling Marlin, 24K gold Racing Champions in original box
    Ricky Rudd Racing Champions Tide Platinum in original box
    '97 Darrell Waltrip Parts America Chrome car in original plastic case, Action
    #18 Bobby Labonte Monsters Car, action

    Race Programs-
    '92 Atlanta Fall 500 (Petty's last race, Jeff Gordon's first), Petty autograph (Qty 2)
    '92 Daytona 400 -- King's last
    '92 Michigan August race -- King's last
    '92 Michigan June race
    '92 Charlotte Mello Yellow 500, King's last
    '92 Winston 500 @ Talladega, May
    '92 Charlotte, the Winston
    '91 Pepsi 400
    Inaugural Brickyard 400
    '99 Brickyard
    Inaugural Las Vegas race
    Inaugural Chicago race
    '98 Daytona Pepsi 400 -- ist night race
    '98 Daytona 500 -- NASCAR 50th Anniversary -- Dale Sr. winner
    '01 Phoenix October 28
    '00 Kentucky Speedway Inaugural
    '01 Chicagoland Speedway Inaugural
    '94 August, Bristol
    '94 Winston @ Charlotte
    '38 Indianapolis Star Newspaper racing section
    '49 Indy 500 (used condition)
    '69 Indy 500 Record Book
    '91 Indy 500
    '92 Indy 500
    '93 Indy 500
    '00 Inaugural Formula 1 Race @ Indy
    '05 Formula 1 Race, Indy

    Books (H) Hardback (P) Paperback-
    '91 Winston Cup Review (H)
    '92 Winston Cup Review (H)
    '02 Winston Cup Review (H)
    Dale Earnhardt, The Final Record (H)
    Dale Earnhardt, Image of Greatness (H)
    Dale Earnhardt, LIMITED EDITION, Always a Champion - Tribute and Farewell, Triumph Books,
    Chicago (H)
    Dale Earnhardt, Rear View Mirror, Charlotte Observer, commemorating the life of the legend
    ('91) (H)
    Trading Paint -- Earnhardt vs Godon, George Tineman, '01 (P)
    Speedweeks, 10 Days of Daytona, (H) (Qty 2)
    Vintage and Historic Stock Cars, Motorbook Ont'l, Dr. John Craft, '94 (P)
    Classic Stock Cars, Motorbook Int'l, Dr. John Craft, 97 (P)
    Daytona Quest for Speed, News Journal, Tuck/Miller, '94 (P) (Qty 2)
    Dynasties Legendary Families of Stock Car Racing, Frank Moriarty, '94 (P)
    NASCAR Generations -- Legacy of Families in NASCAR, Edelstein

    '90 Superstars of NASCAR
    '91 Superstars of NASCAR
    '92 Superstars of NASCARS
    '93 Superstars of NASCAR
    '94 Superstars of NASCAR
    '95 Superstars of NASCAR
    '96 Superstars of NASCAR
    '97 Superstars of NASCAR
    '98 Superstars of NASCAR
    '99 Superstars of NASCAR
    '00 Superstars of NASCAR

    '92 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '93 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '95 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '97 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '99 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '02 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    '03 The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, UMI
    Guideposts -- Nov 04 -- NASCAR Kyle and Patty Petty
    Sports Illustrated '99, Pearson Driver of Century/ 00 Cup Preview
    Stock Car Racing -- Farewell to Handsome Harry, '94 December
    Sports Illustrated, 01, 02 season Preview/ remembering Dale Sr.
    Stock Car Racing -- '95 Daytona Preview
    Stock Car Racing -- '96 30th Anniversary
    Stock Car Racing -- '96 Daytona Special issues
    Stock Car Racing -- '98 Daytona Preview
    Stock Car Racing -- 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition
    Stock Car Racing -- May '99
    Stock Car Racing -- Nov '97 DW's 25 Years of Racing
    Stock Car Racing -- Jan '98
    Stock Car Racing -- Nov '96 David Pearson Best Stock Car Driver Ever?
    Stock Car Racing -- March '98 Earnhardt, I Ain't done Yet
    NASCAR Scene -- '04 Inaugural Chase Supplement
    Dixie Racing News, RP Announces Retirement, vol I, Issue 24
    Beckett Racing Preview '96
    Winston Cup Illustrated, '94 Season Preview
    Winston Cup Illustrated, Entire 12 magazine season in Collector case
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